Plan Your Milan Expo 2015 Meal with Suggestions From AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015

Meals and lunch for Milan Expo

Lovers of everything food should take note of the upcoming food extravaganza being held in Italy during the Milan Expo with the support of the AC Milan football organization. The AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015 have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive and useful selection of unique meals and football attractions. There are so many activities supported by the Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan that the selections on the Cucina Milanello meal list will be the fuel you need to power through all that the Milan Expo 2015 and the AC Milan organization has to offer.

More than 22 million people will visit this event "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". The focus of this expo is to examine issues and offer solutions to the global problems of hunger, sustainability, and nutrition. This global issue will be the focus from the first day of May to the last day of October. The more than 130 countries that are contributing to the Milan Expo 2015 will be joined with virtual visitors through Cyber EXPO 2015 that will number over a billion. There will be activities such as:

  • International meetings
  • International conferences
  • Press events
  • Cultural rich activities
  • Food festivals
  • Live concerts

There are plenty of activities and events to keep the visitors busy at this universal celebration of food and football for the entire six months of the celebration. Although there are countless different foods to enjoy, the partnership between the Milan Expo 2015 and the AC Milan offer a selection of healthy meals at Cucina Milanello where the team dines for their meals.

Start your day with an energy packed AC Milan breakfast

When it comes to a Milan Expo breakfast, there are many choices. Unless you are an AC Milan fan. Then you will definitely want to visit the Cucina Milanello. This spacious and modern restaurant is conveniently located with incredible views for a pleasant dining experience. There are a number of televisions throughout the establishment so that not a moment is lost during AC Milan matches or other notable broadcasts are being televised.

Breakfast and meals during the 2015 Milan Expo

Oversleeping is the perfect excuse for a Milan Expo brunch

For those visitors who are running late, Milan Expo brunch can also be found among the AC Milan team selections of healthy eating at Cucina Milanello. The Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan are proud to be able to offer the professional chef to create award winning healthy dishes for the training players to common visitors.

Milan Expo lunch will fuel your Expo experience

Join the hustle and bustle of a great Milan Expo lunch at Cucina Milanello. The AC Milan and the Milan Expo 2015 have come together to create a one of a kind atmosphere for AC Milan fans to enjoy the sport and support their great team.

Healthy Culinary Eating with AC Milan football During the Milan Expo week end and Sunday If you are looking for the AC Milan players when they are not playing, they just may be spotted dining at the Cucina Milanello. This team supported restaurant is open until 8:30 PM every night of the week. Plenty of time to support your AC Milan players while you are dining during the Milan Expo week end and Sunday.

To get the most out of your visit to the Milan Expo 2015, it is necessary to create a plan. Thanks to the efforts of Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan, they have taken care of planning a Milan Expo breakfast, Milan Expo lunch, or a Milan Expo brunch on any day of the week and on the weekend. For all of these meals the Cucina Milanello will deliver a culinary adventure and sports excitement in one location. The Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan are making football fanatic fans happy one delicious meal at a time.