Football, Food, and History Come Together in Milan

Exhibitions for Milan Expo and AC Milan

In the month of May in 2015 there will be a buzz of excitement and activities going on in Milan, Italy at the Milan Expo museums. Thanks to the partnership of the AC Milan and the Official Expo there will be a wide variety of choices of activities for visitors at many of the Milan Expo museums. They are filled with exciting and innovative AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015 displays and attractions, however the Mondo Milan Museum is the ultimate in AC Milan history, information, and stats for team admirers.

This Milan Expo museum has interactive activities unmatched by other Milan Expo museums thanks to the teaming of Milan Expo 2015 and the AC Milan. The Mondo Milan Expo museums is full of interactive displays that involve the visitor in the teams development throughout the years to today's crowning players. This informative and interesting path through the history of the AC Milan is a special and personal journey that draws visitors in to the exciting and passionate world of football and the AC Milan team.

AC Milan and Expo 2015 Shops

When attending a high energy and exciting event such as the Official Expo 2015 in Milan, it is not only desired but necessary to obtain items that are specific to the event from one of the Milan Expo shops. With the Official Expo and the AC Milan football club working together, they have made available an assortment of products visitors can find at Milan Expo shops such as the Milan Store.

At the Milan Expo shop visitors can obtain clothing items such as custom t-shirts. Owning one of these custom shirts will instantly link you worldwide to millions of others who will be in attendance at the international Official Expo. These shirts are the perfect attire to wear when enjoying any of the vast selection of activities that the AC Milan and Official Expo have to offer. The Official Expo and AC Milan have a variety of other products available at the Milan Expo shop and stores such as books, photos, and works of art.

Ac Milan Museum for Milan Expo

AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015 Exhibitions at the Official Expo 2015

The international celebration of the Official Expo will include a rich selection of Milan Expo exhibitions for visitors to experience. Due to the joining of forces between the Official Expo and the football club AC Milan, visitors will enjoy a huge selection of Milan Expo exhibitions to experience on their once in a lifetime trip to Italy and the Official Expo 2015.

These Milan Expo exhibitions cover a wide variety of subjects and activities over the course of the Expo such as:

  • Art-Leonardo da Vinci's work
  • Sports: "World Expo Supercup," Tour de France, Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • Theater: "Symphony of the World"
  • Music: opera, ballet, concerts including "United Nations Millennium Campaign"
  • Creativity: design contests and fashion events including "Milan, 100 years of Fashion"
  • Fashion: events tailored to design and fashion
  • Cinema: "Festival 2015" will showcase documentary films

There are a great number of other interesting and educational Milan Expo exhibitions, events, and sights which include the DOC Fest and Cinema Festivals. There are approximately 7,000 different events to explore during the Milan Expo 2015. For the best interactive AC Milan experience, the Mondo Milan Museum is a must visit.

Casa Milan: Milan Expo Shop

The Milan Expo exhibitions and must visit locations of Italy

The romantic and beautiful landscape of Italy offers tremendous opportunities for visitors to experience the rich history and culture of the people. Many of these opportunities have been made possible by a partnership of the Italian football club AC Milan and the Official Expo 2015. They have arranged a wide variety of cultural and historical events and sights for visitors to explore when in Milan for the Expo 2015.

These events, tours, and sights are a collaboration between the Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan football. These tailored events are a secure and sure way to get the most AC Milan exposure possible when on this visit to Italy. The rich selection of activities that they have organized include such areas as the Milan Expo museums, Milan Expo shop, and Milan Expo exhibitions. Take advantage of these AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015 suggestions for the highest level of AC Milan football fan satisfaction and enjoyment at the Official Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.