Soccer School


‘Athletic preparation at a competitive level’ - on Monday, November 22, at 18.00 CET, at the Community Stadium of Piano Tavola - Belpasso (CT)

The fourth refresher course organised by Milan Academy for the coaches and technical directors working for the Rossoneri Football Schools located in Eastern Sicily takes place tomorrow at the at the Community Theatre of Misterbianco (CT). The lesson will focus on ‘Athletic preparation at a competetive level’ and will be conducted by Andrea Caronti, athletic coach of Milan Lab and professor of Motor skills development. In total, 15 meetings will be held by Milan Academy professors in the Sicilian town.

Some numbers in short:

17 cities
36 refresher courses in programme
to provide a service of high added value to more than 90 partner clubs
and over 1.000 coaches working for them
every course will be made up of 10 lessons for a total of 40 hours.
Overall more than 1.400 hours of education will be conducted by Milan Academy in the 2010-2011 season.
In some cities even coaches not working for Milan Football Schools will be allowed to attend.