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COACH BROCCHI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: "I look at the progress of my players."

MILAN – Youth sector coach Cristian Brocchi spoke to the Milan Channel after the Youth Sector Christmas Party:

"The match against Atalanta is wonderful because it has an impact on the league table, but I will not move away from my ideas. I look at the progress of my players, to see them grow and improve. They have a desire to win and earn a Milan shirt.  
You can always improve, not to mention in the youth sector. Winning is in the Milan DNA, but our desire and wish to get there passes through our preset methodologies.
4 or 5 days ago I sent Maldini a photo of me when I was little with Paolo in the first team. I wish the same luck that I had to these youth sector players."

PRESIDENT BERLUSCONI: "Take to the pitch with strength and conviction."

MILANELLO – President Silvio Berlusconi is at Milanello and making his 16th visit of the season to the squad. Ahead of the Roma match on Saturday this is what the President said to the players:

"As with regards to the Roma match, it’s fundamental. Congratulations for the match against Napoli, it was stupendous. Take to the pitch knowing you are stronger. I would never change our squad with theirs. At the Olimpico there is the athletics track in the middle, so it shouldn’t let you be intimidated by the support, it’s far away. You are in a position to be able to take to the pitch and show you are stronger. Go onto the pitch with strength and conviction, because we are stronger."

MAURO BIANCHESSI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: "Overall the figures are very satisfying"

MILAN – Mauro Bianchessi, grassroots manager for the AC Milan Youth Sector, spoke to the Milan Channel at the Youth Sector Christmas Party. These were his comments:

"Overall the figures are very satisfying. In 82% of international tournaments we reach the final, with a 73% win record. Facing the big European clubs is the most convincing test for us.
What is behind our success? Methodology and the highest level of technique and innovation. The players are very good and the scouts also. We’re very focused on the selection of under 14s. 29 players in the national teams, 27 come from grassroots. Modic will be in the first team and this is satisfying. This has to be our objective."


MILANELLO – Soon after his arrival at Milanello, the President Silvio Berlusconi made his way over to the club house to greet the players. 

FILIPPO GALLI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: " The players from today and yesterday have to be an example."

MILAN - Filippo Galli spoke to the Milan Channel at the Youth Sector Christmas party on Thursday night. Here is an extract of what he had to say:

"All of the families have come here and it was a very special moment. We thank Dolce & Gabbana for the location. It was nice to see the champions from today and yesterday here. They have to be an example. I was inspired by Paolo, Billy, Mauro and Franco. The players have to understand that when you obtain success, you have to share it and give it to others. The Youth Sector in its entirety has to be “contaminated” by the Milan identity. Pippo is doing a great job with the First Team and to try and bring these values to the team. We’re doing a lot and there is still a lot to do. We have to start again with even more conviction, but there are still 2 more games for the Primavera and Berretti."


MILAN – The club president Silvio Berlusconi arrived at Milanello by helicopter at 13.23 (local time) for his 16th visit of the season to the squad.