GATTUSO on Milan Channel: "F.Baresi-T.Silva? Yes, you can compare"

MILAN - Rino Gattuso spoke to Milan Channel having received the best wishes from the Milan fans: "No, it is not blasphemous to compare Thiago Silva to Franco Baresi. With all due respect to Franco, who was a sacred cow, Thiago Silva is phenomenal, he played another amazing game yesterday, I watched him closely. I experience Thiago’s strength every day in training. Him and our Swedish beast Ibrahimovic up front, make a difference in our team . Nocerino? I'm proud of him, he is having a great season. I would always have him in my ideal team. He was being anything but presumptuous when he said that we are different, he was simply telling the truth. He didn’t score yesterday in Bergamo? Hopefully he will …"