ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC: "Champions League is not an obsession"

MILAN - "Many years ago the Champions League was my goal to win at all costs," - explained Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the official UEFA Champions League magazine - "but if you make something too important, you'll end up never winning it. Now I aim to win every trophy I can. If I win, good. If I don't win, I don't win - and this does not diminish my career. If I retired today I would say I was very happy about mu career. I have achieved all I could have."   

The Swedish striker continued: “You win titles because you play with champions - they are the people that allow you to win, it is not an individual matter. My goal has always been to become as complete a player as possible. I have succeeded, I know what I can do and I am ready to sacrifice for the good of the team. You do not win because you are number one, but because the team is number one.”