RINO GATTUSO TO THE MILAN CHANNEL:"Greta to hear the fans again"

MILAN – Here’s what Rino Gattuso had to say to the Milan Channel after this afternoon’s match between Milan and Sion: 

“How can you not get emotional returning to this place. It’s been a great day. I was happy with the first half and less so with the second. I like this new job a lot and it’s been a natural transition for me. Seeing Milan in the position they’re n now, it seems like years have passed, but it’s only been months. They’re a quality team with a big future ahead of them. Balotelli we know about. De Scilgio can play at the highest level as if he’s playing with the youth team. The chants from the fans? It felt like being a player again. Coming baqck here to coach? It would mean that I’ll have done well but it’s utopian to think about coming here to coach immediately. I still have to eat a lot of pasta before I’m ready for a job like that.”