ADRIANO GALLIANI: "Third place is a big achievement"

MILAN – Here’s some of what Adriano Galliani had to say today from the headquarters of Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport:

“I was on the team coach and I saw that there were a few dozen fans insulting us. I’m always seated in the front of the coach and I got my bag and went into the train station with the police who kept the fans at bay. It was later that I heard about the chanting…. Mexes gave us a third place that looked impossible. We’re not in the Champions League yet as we have to get through the preliminaries to get to the group stages. It’s a big achievement. In the second half of the season we only lost a single game, the one against Juventus. In 2013, we played 20 games and got 65 points. Allegri’s future? We’ll meet on Wednesday and a decision will be taken with the President. We have to see what he wants to do. I’ve been by the President’s side for 33 years since 1 November 1979 and we have a fine relationship.”