AMELIA TO MILAN CHANNEL: "Mentality is the key."

MILAN – From one shot-stopper to another. Ex-Milan Marco Amelia is the latest to have his say on the Rossoneri’s teenage talent Gianluigi Donnarumma:

"Donnarumma was just a boy in my last year at Milan, but even then you could already note his physical presence and character. It was clear he was an imposing figure and had the right attitude and way of doing things for playing his part at such an important level like the first team. He has developed, understanding last season what it takes to be a part of a professional group of players and this year working to the best of his abilities to continue with the next stage of his development. There are a lot of young players who are physically big but it’s the mentality that makes the difference. If you spend just five minutes chatting to him, it seems like he is 25, and not a teenager. I am certain that Mihajlovic looked at the pros and cons before selecting him. Mistakes happen in football, but last year and this year he has shown that he can handle playing at the top level. If I must point out something however I would say in the first match where he wanted to preempt where the ball would go. But that happens also to the more experienced goalkeepers, never mind someone as young as him. This year, and buoyed by the enthusiasm, it is a bit easier to leave his mark. Next year he will have to do it all again and he will have to show what he is made of. He has a sensible head on his shoulders, he won’t get ahead of himself and he won’t make that mistake. He needs to maintain his current approach. He seems like a veteran, playing the ball with his feet without ever giving it away. He deserves nothing but praise because he is very young and playing in goal for a club like Milan. There is a lot of talk about him abroad. There has been a lot of talk between scouts and coaches. All of the top clubs are aware of the best talents in the game. He is followed by many, but Milan will keep a tight hold of him as the club needs players like him to create a core group of players for the coming years."