First Team


The result of the medical exam carried out this afternoon is tough to swallow, but it can’t mean the end of Filippo Inzaghi’s career. No way. Go Pippo!!! You’ll be back! Like always before.

It can’t be the end and it won’t be the end. Pippo is in our hearts, as much as we are in his, We Milanisti, we sports lovers. Because it was for his beloved sport that Filippo Inzaghi often denied the laws of nature.

The memories of the recent Milan-Real Madrid match are so vivid, that it’s hard to believe that the match against Palermo can be his last game this season. But it can’t be the last of his career. A career, the career of Filippo Inzaghi, that commands respect and admiration.

In these moments all Milan supporters are worried, but we know that you’ll be back. A man like you won’t give up, it wouldn't be worthy of you.

Inzaghi doesn’t surrender. Forza Pippo and Forza Milan! The difficulties of these hours will give us strength for the whole season. Exactly like you’ve taught us: we are not afraid. And most of all, see you soon, Champion!