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Flamini's turnaround. An injury and a few minutes playing time until the begininng of November. Then always on the field in the last three matches.

MILAN - Football is football. Everything can seem quiet and cystallised, but it is in fact in a state of constant change. Confirmation of this comes from Matthieu Flamini, known now at Milanello as Matteo, in the rossoneri's current season.

His presence in the first two and half months of the season in official matches was limited: 22 September - Lazio v Milan - 20 mins; 25 September - Milan v Genoa - 23 minutes; 28 September - Ajax v Milan - 52 minutes; 25 October - Napoli v Milan - 5 minutes. In total 100 minutes after 13 official matches played for Milan.

Then, against Bari, his debut start in the league. It was the 7 November. Flamini made a goal and lpayed a very good match. From that moment he has not left. After 100 minutes in 13 official matches he has racked up 270 in the last 3 matches. Against Bari, Palermo and Inter, Flamini has been on the field from the begininng to the end, including injury time.