Amway Corporation’s NUTRILITE will contribute $2.500 to the construction of a multifunctional sports centre in Naples after each goal scored by Milan.

For the third year in a row, NUTRILITE’s ‘Goal by Goal’ project for the children continues, as part of the Amway One by One campaign. This year, NUTRILITE will donate $2,500 to Milan Foundation for every goal Milan score in the championship. That means that the Rossoneri players will play an important role in the campaign as their goals will help raise funds for the construction of a multifunctional sports centre in Naples, to be built in a neighbourhood that currently asks for a safe environment for children to congregate.

The first concrete step was taken on the occasion of the Milan-Cesena game. In fact, at the end of the match, $85.000 were handed over to Milan Foundation for the 34 goals scored by the team in the first half of the season. The donation was taken by Alexandre Pato who represented the Milan squad.

The objective of the project is to restore sports’ role as an educational medium. The initiative will be carried out in a co-operation with Polisportiva Europa, a promoter of amateur sports in Naples.

“We’re delighted to promote this project, not only because it will provide the children with a safe place where they can meet and do sports, but because of the important values they’ll learn and will helped by in their development”, said Fabrizio Suaria, CEO of Amway Italy, exclusive distributor of the NUTRILITE products.

"For the third year in a row, we have the pleasure to co-operate with Nutrilite”, said Milan Foundation president Adriano Galliani. “Being able contribute to a project which sees sports as a medium for children’s education, is a source of pride for us. The results of the work we’ve always believed in and which prompted us to found and develop Milan Foundation are easy to see.”

Amway One by One has already donated Milan Foundation $250.000. Last season’s $150.000 made it possible to construct a multifunctional sports centre in Pagliare di Sassa, L’Aquila, while in the 2008-2009 season, the $100.000 raised  benefited the the Buzzi Children Hospital in Milan.