ACMILAN.COM CONQUERS INDONESIA! the official website of the world’s most successful club, is also available in Indonesian at

The newest version of the Milan website has been created with the collaboration of MP & Silva, a global leader of sports right management and distribution, and Bakrie Telecom, an Indonesian company specialised in telecommunication. broadens the horizons of the Rossoneri website as Indonesian becomes the eighth version of the official ACMilan site after the Italian, Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic versions.

“With visits from over 140 countries and an average of 1.5 million users a month, manages to cancel geographic distance in favour of globalisation and internationalisation, which has always characterised the club”, declared Giuliano Giorgetti, AC Milan Web & New Media Manager.

The latest version of the website fits into the Web & New Media strategy the club has implemented through Milan Media Factory, the centre of production which allows fans to keep in touch with their favourite team through diverse communication platforms, such as satellite, internet (website, web TV, community, social networks) and mobile (smart phones and pc tablets). represents a strategic communication tool for Milan, a club with an ever-growing global fan base. A demonstration of this is the steady growth of the community of Indonesian supporters, who follow the Rossoneri via social networking. Just to mention a few impressive data: around 700,000 of Milan’s 3 million Facebook fans come from Indonesia, while the club’s Twitter account has about 30,000 followers from the Southeast Asian country.

“It’s a source of great pride to know that we have so many supporters in Indonesia,” added Giuliano Giorgetti. “Our goal is to create and maintain a special relationship with our fans, offering them a series of exclusive content produced for the Indonesian market”.

The Indonesian version of will allow fans to stay up to date on the team and the club. News, photos, exclusive videos, match highlights, social networking tools, breaking team news and real time updates are only a few examples of what the site can offer, with the objective of further increasing the number services and activities at the fans’ disposal.