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AC Milan and Nutrilite have extended their collaboration to reach new goals.

AC Milan extended their partnership with Nutrilite, a collaboration that has been ongoing for four years now, today at Milanello. During the press conference Michael Meissner, vice president Corporate Affairs Amway Europa, spoke of the special nature of the partnership: "This collaboration with Milan is totally unique. We at Nutrilite and Milan Lab work together and communicate on a daily basis, we are proud to have such a successful partner so that we can learn and continually improve. We have to congratulate the team for winning the scudetto last season and for us it was a fantastic feeling to win with Milan. Milan and Nutrilite are world leaders in their sector and together they we aim to continually improve the overall wellbeing of a player, not just as a professional but also as a individual today and also in tomorrow's world."

Then it was the turn of Daniele Tognacci, the head fitness coach at Milanello, to talk: "To say that Milan and Nutrilite are just partners is not saying enough. Together we have done many things, despite the distance between us technology has kept us close. Together we have made a big effort and it wasn't easy finiding the ideal partner that utilised the same scientific appraoch as us. After close analysis for a year we understood that the intergration of Nutrilite products produced some incredible results and that our footballers had made some important changes. I hope this is just the beginning because we have reached some important goals and rather than call them a sponsor I would say that Nutrilite are a fundamental part of our structure and for the management of our players."