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Milan’s title race is over with the derby defeat. Allegri: “We have to get to 80 points. The last game will be at home and we have to thank the fans in the best way possible and get to the end of two seasons with 162 points.”

MILAN – Here’s what players and staff had to say after Inter-Milan at the San Siro:


"A good performance from De Sciglio, he’s a good guy with great qualities and he has the stuff to go on to do great things. The individual episodes didn’t always go right for us and I think that that highlights even more just how well the players have done. The players put in a good performance and played well enough. Unfortunately, Abate made two mistakes in these two derbies but I don’t think it’s a problem for him. It’ll be a motive for him to grow even more than he already has. We have to get to 80 points, the last game we have is at home and we have to do the best we can in front of our own fans and we’ll get to the end of two seasons with 162 points. That’s even more evidence of how well Juventus have done. Regardless of Muntari’s goal, I think the most important games of this season were the matches against Juventus. After the game against Novara, I’ll analyze the season. From Wednesday we’ll be thinking about ending the season with a win.” 


"Unfortunately tonight when I saw Abbiati and Bonera leave the field, it was the story of our entire season. The important thing is that even with so many injuries we were in it to win it right until the end. This team and this club never wastes time with ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and next season we’ll be aiming once again for the Champions League, the Scudetto and the Italian cup. We gave all we had in the face of a lot of difficulties but we were up against a team that never lost and that’s why credit goes to them. They did well.
It was emotional to see the curve like that, a great choreography that made me feel proud to be a part of this team and this club. We have amazing fans. if I have to take something positive from the season, it’s been that, their support.
It was an emotional evening and I’m very proud to be a part of the Milan family. It gives us the strength to roll up our sleeves and to be even more determined to give our all. We conceded the third goal in what was our best moment in the match. but that’s the way the derby is. It’s great like that, you can be punished for the smallest of mistakes every time but we have no regrets because we went for the win. We didn0’t get it in the end but we gave everything we could. De Sciglio did well, he’s a great guy, very calm and you can see that on the pitch as well. He’s from the youth team which is great because we have a wonderful youth sector. He’s quiet but very decisive and always shows respect.”


"It burns to have lost the derby and the title. It’s been a strange year; we’ve been through difficult moments and made some mistakes. Credit to Juventus, but now we have to think about the future. We turned the game around through a penalty that even a bit dicey then Ibra scored a wonderful goal, then the 3-2 from the penalty spot, a lot of chances after that and then another addition to my impossible goal collection, a great strike from Maicon.
So many things have happened this season but this is a team that tries to make up for difficulties. We tried but the most important game was definitely the head to head with Juventus, a win then would have given us the momentum and would have been a big blow to them. It was a fundamental game. We need to think about improving constantly training day after day. We were never very lucky and that the way things went. Now we need to turn the page. We want to end the season with 80 points and with a win because it’s the last game in front of our fans. Then we have to roll our sleeves up and get to work preparing for next season.


"Unfortunately we were counting on getting a result here to hope for a slip up from Juventus but it went badly. My ankle? I twisted it at the end against Pazzini but I hope it’s nothing too serious. Honestly, I didn’t think I would get on the pitch but I was ready just in case. I managed to stay focused on my performance from the start and but the result is a bitter pill to swallow. We knew it was going to be tough; the derby is always different from the other games. Until today, I had only played the youth team derby, playing this game with the first team is amazing.


"After 10 minutes, Bonera was injured and then Abbiati as well. then Muntari did his knee and De Sciglio played with a swollen ankle. It’s been the story of our season. I didn’t even need to be on the bench, all the changes were forced on us. I hope to meet Stramaccioni again because Inter have changed their coach twice and won both times. Credit to him. When I said that the match against Juventus was the season’s crossroads, it was the God honest truth. Last season it went our way with the two derby wins."