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Massimiliano Allegri received the prize Golden Bridle award yesterday. The twentieth edition took place at the Garden Hotel. The event was sponsored by the AIA Section of Siena.

(IN THE PHOTO: The award ceremony yesterday in Siena)

MILAN - Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri was in Siena yesterday to receive the Golden Bridle award,where he also took stock of the Rossoneri's season: "This season I would give us a 6.5. We were up by 8 ahead of the meeting with Barcelona after that we were at 5. But we have to congratulate Juve because they won 10 of last 11 games. The head to head meeting has weighed on the title."

On Pirlo: "Juve have improved with him in the side. I never questioned his qualities, but a coach must make choices according to the team and Juve have been able to tailor their game around him."

Nesta, Inzaghi and Gattuso: "To stay at Milan for so long they are, in addition to the technical and physical qualities, players with the great moral qualities. It will not be easy to replace these quality players. Nesta, alongside Baresi, for me is one of the greatest defenders of all time. Inzaghi has been excellent, he knows the characteristics of all the defenders in the league. Even yesterday he knew exactly what to do to embarrass his opponents. Yesterday was their day so I preferred not to talk and leave them to take centre stage."

On Ibrahimovic: I feel that today there is no danger in saying he is the most important member of our team. We have up to August 31st to make moves in the transfer market.

"I believe that today there is no danger of seeing the players from the most important of our squad. As for the market there is time until August 31. We've got two midfielders in as Montolivo and Traore who will give us a hand. We have agreed with President Berlusconi and Galliani on a squad of 25 players. For next season we place great emphasis on Pato's fitness, as he lost a season to injury."

On Tognaccini: "I hope that he remains, he has been here for 14 years and he has done a great job. If he does not stay then we will still remain in good hands."