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Coach Massimiliano Allegri two weeks after the end of the season talks about the campaign just finished and talks about the Milan of the future: “Ibra and Thiago won’t be leaving. The squad will be built around them.”

MILAN - Massimiliano Allegri in an exclusive interview with Gazzetta dello Sport cooled the market rumors surrounding Ibrahinmovic and Thiago Silva and sent a reassuring message to all Rossoneri fans: “From here to August anything can happen in the transfer market. But not those two leaving. We spoke about it with President Berlusconi and he assured me that they’ll stay put. The next Milan side will be based around them. For now we have 23 players and 3 keepers which is more than enough. It’s the lean squad that I wanted. There may be some more transfer activity but our two champions will stay. Milan at the moment can’t do without Thiago and Ibra. And Pato. Next season has to be his season.”

Milan’s coach also spoke of the balance I the changing room. “Cassano and Ibra have different characters from the others, but the changing room is not the chaotic one that some people would have you believe. Important players have left. In the two years that I’ve been here, around 10 players have left. Players that grew up with the club but that doesn’t mean the atmosphere at the club has to be rebuilt. The squad chooses its own leader. It’s not like someone comes to Milanello in the morning and says “Good morning, I’m your leader”. It’ll be a natural choice if there’s one to be made. Teams don’t always need leaders; they can also count on being a tight knit group.”

Allegri went on to talk about the importance of the players and the role of captain: “From a character and experience point of view, we have Abbiati and Ambrosini and Yepes is an important man as well for that. And then there’s Thiago and Ibra who are on the point of the right level of maturity. The captain is Ambrosini and after him it’s Abbaiti.”

Regarding the season past: “We lost the title because we had a dip in form after the game against Barcelona and because we lost against Fiorentina. I definitely made mistakes as well, but we were missing too many important players.”

A thought also to the players who’ve left the club: “I have the highest respect for the players who made history with the club; it was a very emotional goodbye. But the life of these men at 35 of even 39 years old starts again, doing other things, putting themselves out there. It starts again in a different way and meanwhile the coach has to make his choices. The passing of time is the only thing we can’t do anything about.”

A look to the future before the holidays: “I have no dreams. I want to win the title and get past the quarter final stage of the Champions League.”