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MILAN - Thiago Silva, on international duty with Brazil in Hamburg gave an exclusive interview to Gazzetta dello Sport and spoke of his attachment to the club and his desire to stay with Milan.

Galliani said he’ll do everything to resist the temptation of selling? These words from the club are a pleasure to hear, a show of esteem and a stimulus to do better still. It was what I expected: If when an offer arrives from somewhere and your club responds by saying, ‘let’s negotiate’, then I think a player has to start asking questions. It means that the club might talk well of you but they don’t back it up with action. Milan on the other hand responded immediately by saying that I’m a fundamental player and couldn’t be sold.”

The central defender also spoke of the market rumors linking him with a move: “Tempted to try something new elsewhere? Absolutely not. I’m happy at Milan and I want to stay. I spoke with Gallini before leaving for Hamburg and he said, “Relax because you’re not leaving from here”. You know what my answer was? “I don’t see why I should be worried. Milan is my home and the rest is just chatter”. He then added “Milan has always pampered me and I always feel the club’s presence. I’d like to become a club icon like Nesta was”.

Looking back on the season: “The title loss really hurts a lot. We were four points ahead and we finished the season four points behind Juventus. Every day I ask myself how it happened. We kept going until the end but we have to admit that the Bianconeri really had a great league campaign. The key game was the one against Milan, that’s where the title was decided.”

On the injury that kept him out of the end of the season: “The responsibility for the injury is mone and no one else’s. It was me who wanted to play at all costs. I knew I wasn’t well but I felt that at that moment I had to help the team and so I decided to try. The coach didn’t force me at all, on the contrary, right until the end he said “Thiago do what you feel like doing, I trust you”. I remember during the warm up, Bonera told me not to risk it, but I didn’t listen to anyone. If I could go back I’d do it differently. Now I know it was a mistake to take that risk, but for a player it’s tough to resign yourself to the idea that you can’t fight alongside your team mates in what was a delicate moment. Who knows, maybe if I hadn’t been injured the season could have ended differently, but it useless to haul up the past”.

The Rossoneri centre half also shares Ibrahimovic’s point of view: “Zlatan and I think in the same way. We both came to this team to win and we’re staying for the same reason. Milan is already competitive but the last campaign showed that to get ahead of the other we need other quality signings”.