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Final Eight, Youth league: a very important commitment, for which the young Rossoneri, with Nutrilite and Milan Lab, we are prepared not only on the training field, but also at the table, with a diet based on colorful fruits and vegetables.

MILAN - The physical well-being has a great influence on the performance of an athlete and a balanced diet plays a key role in helping athletes reach their optimum form. But you would have ever thought that the colors had a role in all this? Milan left today for Gubbio, where they will make their debut tomorrow night in the Final Eight Championship match against Juventus. A very important commitment, for which the young players of Milan were prepared not only on the field of training, but also at the table, with a diet based on colorful fruits and vegetables. This is a unique approach that applies to both the first team and the youth team.

The collaboration between experts from MilanLab, the center of interdisciplinary scientific research high-tech at AC Milan, and NUTRILITE, the world's number one brand in the production of dietary supplements, is the basis of a holistic approach to wellness and shape of football and reveals the crucial role of color in power and everyday life. Among the major circulating food on our tables, in fact, fruit and vegetable foods are "colored" for excellence and contribute decisively to preserve the body, giving energy and vitality to help tackle better our days.

Experts say NUTRILITE such as fruits and vegetables are foods that contain phytonutrients, organic compounds found in plants, in addition to color and protect plants from weathering, play a key role in protecting the human body and many thanks to the high antioxidant properties that characterize them. It is estimated that in nature there are more than 30,000 existing phytonutrients, which are summarized in the "spectrum of phytonutrients" and associated with five main colors: green, white, yellow/orange, red, blue/purple. If a balanced diet and taking a balanced amount of phytonutrients is in itself fundamental to all of us, it is more so for those who aim to achieve excellence in sport.

What, then, are the colors that are the basis for the successes of the AC Milan stars?
"The food component is a key factor in maintaining a state of optimal health and is even more to the welfare and improvement of performance of a professional athlete," said Dr Marco Freschi, Milan medical chief for the youth team. "A balanced diet must take into account the importance of phytonutrients and should include fruits and vegetables of all colors. Along with NUTRILITE, which allows us to complete and optimize the diet of our players, we are taking a path that has already shown good results. This is also one of the factors that contributed to the achievement of the final stages of the Youth Championship."

"Phytonutrients are important as the more known vitamins," says Dr Thomas Kurscheid, NUTRILITE expert. "Several recent studies have shown that to have a positive effect on health, these natural substances must be present in our diet significantly and in great variety. Only 20% of people, however, usually follow the recommendation to take between 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. For this reason, food supplements containing phytonutrients may play an important role in modern nutrition and especially in obtaining high performace sports."

The experts at NUTRILITE, using a technique called chromatography, are able to identify and measure the presence of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in plants. Hence the production of specific dietary supplements that have helped us develop a personalized nutritional program for every player at AC Milan.