First Team


Brazil are playing New Zealand today and Pato is hungry for goals. Back in 2008 in Beijing, the Brazilian had scored against the Kiwis.

MILAN - Brazil return to action to day against New Zealand after the victories over Egypt and Belarus. Already Pato and team mates are thinking about the quarter finals on Saturday.

Whether he starts or he comes off the bench this will be Pato's seventh match played at the Olympics following his appearances at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 played alongside Ronaldinho.

Back in 2008 Pato scored against today's opponents New Zealand in a 5-0 thrashing. Yesterday Pato spoke about his national team but also about Milan. "It was important for me to play and after so long it wasn't easy. It was a long and I had to be very patient. I had to overcome the desire to try and do things in a hurry. Since I was 17 I always wanted to play in Europe and I am very happy to be at Milan. I didn't choose the number 9 by chance. When I arrived at Milan it was already taken so I took the number 7. Now that an icon like Inzaghi has left the number was free and I took it willingly because it is the shirt that Van Basten wore. I hope it brings me luck, I want to score lots of goals for Milan and for Brazil. For a long time I was asked whether I was going to Brazil to play but I always say the same thing: even if we don't know what will happen in the future I am very happy at Milan."