First Team


It ended a few hours ago the exclusive Q&A on twitter with Kevin-Prince Boateng on the official twitter @acmilan 

Boateng was amused to respond directly form Milanello to more than 30 questions from Milan fans around the world:

@AndreaScavone: #askBoa preferisci giocare a centrocampo o come trequartista?/Do you prefer play like midfielder or like playmaker of attack? 

@acmilan: Ciao @AndreaScavone! Playmaker of attack is my favourite role! Tanks! #askBoa

@Rodah163: which moment in your career do you remember the most?#askBoa

@acmilan: @Rodah163 Absolutely when we won the Scudetto 2010 #askBoa

@davidezerrilli: you’re pretty active on twitter. Do you think social network are useful to keep in touch with fans? #askBoa

@acmilan: I think it’s important to keep in touch with fans and with social networks it’s very easy ☺ #askBoa

@Sparagnino:#askBoa 442, 433, 4321: lo schema del Milan è l’argomento più dibattuto d’Italia :D! Quale preferisci? Come ti vedi in un 4321? 

@acmilan: ciao @Sparagnino, grazie per la domanda. Il mio schema preferito è 4321 #askBoa

@serenapoerio: Did you root for Italy or Germany during the Olympic games in London? #askBoa

@acmilan: I watched it and it was very interesting and I supported both Italy and Germany! #askBoa

@gloriaformenti: com’è andata l’operazione alla mano? Sarai in campo già contro l’Atalanta?#askBoa

@acmilan: l’operazione è andata bene, spero di essere pronto a giocare contro l’Atalanta #askBoa/ My hand is gettin’ better and better! 

@mjUno8: #askBoa who’s the player you are closest to on the team? Why? 

@acmilan: I’m very close to everyone, ‘cause there’s a great team spirit at AC Milan! #askBoa

@ejfarino: #askBoa why did you wear a Phillies hat to Yankee stadium NYC when Philly to NY is like Juve to Milan?

@acmilan: Hi! The P on my hat stands for Prince, not Philly! : ) #askBoa

@CSCarambolaS: @acmilan I love your tee shirt! I’m so happy Champions League will soon re-start! Good luck my champion! #ForzaMilan #askBoa

@vaxxNeo: who’s the best goalkeeper you ever met in your career? #askBoa

@acmilan: the former goalkeeper of Bayern Munich Olivier Kahn #askBoa

@Shaayneeee:#askBoa what is your motivation to get up and train every morning? ☺ 

@acmilan: Hi @Shaayneeee, my motivation is to be the best player in the world one day! #askBoa 

@mimi_mimil_mil: What is your assessment about the enthusiasm of AC Milan supporters in Indonesia, especially #MilanistiIndonesia?? #askBoa

@acmilan: I see that we have many rossoneri fans in #Indonesia and I’m very happy about it. Big up to #MilanistiIndonesia!!! #askBoa

@nanamilan: Why do you have a tatoo in Japanese relieved his flank? I am Japanese! Forza Prince!!!!! #askBoa

@acmilan: I didi t when I was sixteen, I just like the japanese writing #askBoa

@PINOSCALZI: #askBoa sei un grande uomoooooo ti vogliamo capitanooooo   

@_xChord: we’re proud of you. You are going to become one of the best football player in the world! #askBoa

@alessandraZ: when did you realize that you would become a football player? #askBoa

@acmilan: I realize I would become a football player when I was 16 and I signed my first professional contract! #askBoa   

@superoinarosa: Do you watch a lot of movies? What is your preferred one? #askBoa

@acmilan: Hi @superoinarosa! I watch a lot of movies and my favourite one is #scarface! What about you?? #askBoa

@VincentLacaria: Have you ever been to Canada, if so how did you like it? If not, would you like to come? #askBoa

@acmilan: no I have never been to Canada but I would love to come and see it! Will you show me Canada? ; )) #askBoa

@_EmisMilan_:#askBoa nonostante tutte le partenze hai scelto di rimanere rossonero.. grande professionista… 

@mr_simonsays: What is your favourite vacation spot you have ever been to? #askBoa

@acmilan: I love #NYC! I’ve been there this summer and it was simply amazing! Can’t wait to be back soon in the city! #askBoa

@luflobi: ciao#askBoa L’anno scorso sono stato sulla crociera rossonera!? Ci vai anche tu il prossimo anno?!?? 

@acmilan: Ciao @luflobi! Si io sarò il capitano! Yeah I’ll be the Captain! #askBoa   

@GiadaPato: Hi prince, what do you feel everytime you wear Milan’s colours and jersey? Please, answer me! ☺ #askBoa

@acmilan: #askBoa it’s such a great honour! I’m so proud to wear the red and black colours #askBoa

@itspayneslaugh: what about an ex football player you would really have loved to play with? Hope you’re gonna reply! ☺ #askBoa

@acmilan: My biggest dream would be to play one game together with “il fenomeno” Ronaldo! #askBoa

@Milanesta_3: I heard that you speak 6 languages and Arabic is one of them, if so, can you write in Arabic also? #askBoa

@acmilan: Hi! I understand Arabic very good but writing is way too difficult : ) #askBoa 

@GPantoja10: if you could bring a Milan legend back to the field, who will he be and why? #askBoa

@acmilan: I would bring back Paolo Maldini, the best defender ever in my opinion #askBoa

@bemineSmolder: #askBoa com’è avere il Pazzo in squadra? Ti trovi bene? 

@acmilan: #Pazzini è un buon compagno di squadra, sono molto contento che adesso sia rossonero anche lui! #askBoa

@elnumeronueve_: quando rivedi i tuoi gol, cosa pensi? #askBoa

@acmilan: ne voglio di piùùùùù / I want moreeeee! #askBoa

@MohamedShangab: who’s your favourite singer? And which song you always sing in your head most of the time? #askBoa

@acmilan: I love Michael Jackson and I like every single song he did! #askBoa

@TeamJamesMilner: who’s your favourite cartoon character? #askBoa

@acmilan: My favourite cartoon characters are Spongebob and his friend Patrick! #askBoa

@Urby28: how does it feel that everybody is copying your hairstyle?? #askBoa 

@acmilan: hey bro @Urby28! I’m very happy people like my hairstyle, I thank my hairdresser Seba from Cardano! : ) #askBoa

@bennyzullo: #askBoa perché ami così tanto i tatuaggi? #askBoa 

@acmilan: I tatuaggi sono il mio hobby, mi piacciono tantissimo! I love tatoos, they’re an addictive hobby! #askBoa 

@acmilan: Ciao @sbrambilla96, mi piacciono tutte e 3! RT @acmilan #askBoa preferisci la cucina Italiana, tedesca o Ghanese? 

@feppy97: Quante ore di palestra fai per avere un fisico così?!! ☺ #askBoa

@acmilan: I was born this way! ☺ #askBoa

@acmian: Goodbye guys, training starts in a while, I have to go! Thanks for your support and #forzaMilan! #askBoa