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Some optimism from the players and the staff after the 0-0 draw against Anderlecht in the San Siro. Allegri: "We took a small step forward and I'm happy with what the palyers did".

MILAN - here are all the post match interviews following the Champions League opener against Anderlecht.


"I’m disappointed not to have won because the players gave everything from a psychological and physical point of view and that’s not easy. In the first half we made a lot of mistakes technically and in the second half we had four goal scoring chances. Of course you need goals to win games but we took a small step forward and I’m happy with what the players did. The players on the bench are fundamental because it was when we won the league while last year, not as many players came off the bench. Against Samp, we conceded from their only shot while against Atalanta we conceded from one of their two shots so it’s normal that at the end of the game there was a bit of nervousness. The re-entry of Montolivo, Pato and Robinho will take some pressure off players that I ask for different things from. It’ll be tough against Udinese and we have to do the simple things. I think Montolivo will be available and of course changes will be necessary because besides the physical energy, there’s a lot of mental energy being spent and you need more time to get that back”.  


"The team gave everything they had and the fans were good tonight. Anderlecht played differently tonight, they adapted their game to us creating a few problems at the back at the start of the game. We tried to beef up the midfield because we always think that by strengthening the defense you’ll gain in attack. We had a lot of chances but the game finished in a draw. Our most technically gifted players are out and in a group like this, it weighs heavily. If last year we had a lot of technically gifted players, we have a few less this season and that’s tough. I think we can still do something; we can change the formation a bit. With El Shaarawy’s entrance we improved the fluidity of our play. We think we were a bit lucky against Bologna and a bit unlucky against Sampdoria and Atalanta. The three points that we have are what we deserve but we could have got them from three draws. Now we’re up against an Udinese side that plays in the Europa League and it’s not easy playing on Sunday after playing on Thursday. Pazzini is just starting here and Mexes hadn’t played before today except with the youth team. We know we have to be careful with the subs. De Sciglio is a really interesting player and he’s making progress. He takes a lot of responsibility for a player of his age and it’s not easy playing for Milan at the moment. It’s a tough moment and he’s doing well”.


"In the changing room, we’re all calm. There’s quality in the squad and we all believe in this team. Sometimes we’ve been missing a bit of luck in front of the goal but we think we can win the next game. It’s natural that the fans will be angry because we can do better than what we’ve shown, myself first of all. I’m not at 100% and we’ll try to get better game after game”.


"The positive thing is that we didn’t concede a goal this evening and we created a lot of chances. Now we have to keep on going forward. The jeers from the crowd are a part of the game. When this team plays it’s expected to win all games. Now we have to think of Sunday, an important game against Udinese. We found the right balance today but we didn’t score. But we didn’t let in one either and we have to continue to work hard and the goals will come.
The coach told us not to let our heads drop and to keep on working hard. It was important for us to get a win in front of our home fans this evening, but it’ll wome. I’m happy for Ibra and Thiago Silva because they’re both friends. We know that we’ve lost two champions and I’m happy that they both scored”.


"The first home goal hasn’t come but we’re continung to create a lot of chances. We have to stay on this road because it’s the right one. The goal will come; we just have to think about working ahead of the next game. The affection from the fans is something I really like. I can feel it from everyone. I’m growing and tryint to make myself useful for the team. The Under 21 international side has been good for me, it’s helped me a lot: the first two games weren’t the best, in the last two games I’ve improved even if the win has yet to come for the team. Last season was a very special evening against Udinese, I hope it’ll be the same this season. For us at the moment, the three points would be very important. There’s bitterness and disappointment, we know that it’s not a good moment but we have to react. We‘re a compact and united group, able to overcome difficulties. The fans have to have faith in us and the team has to be aware of its abilities. We’ll be after three points in Udine”.


"I’m always ready to do what the coach asks of me and with a game every three days, there’s space for everyone. Not having conceded is important. In games where you look to score you often give goals away. That didn’t happen and that’s a step forward. Compliments are always nice but this match is now over and we have to think about Sunday. I take to the field with more calm now, we were pumped up and we gave everything like we always do. The goal didn’t come and we just have to keep working hard. We can’t drop our heads. We were a bit unlucky as well. We have to go to Udine knowing that this is a great team despite the recent results. We’ll have to play well to get the three points”.