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Silvio Berlusconi was at the Milanello sports centre today and spoke about the progress then team is making as well as the performance against Zenit.

MILANELLO – President Silvio Berlusconi arrived at the Milanello sports centre today at 13.20 ahead of tomorrow’s match against Torino.

From Friday 16 November to today, Silvio Berlusconi has spent 11 hours, productive and constructive, at the Milanello sports centre.

A look back:

5 hours prior to Napoli-Milan, 3 hours on the eve of Milan-Juventus, 2 hours before Catania-Milan and another hour before Milan-Zenit.

Today, Saturday 8 December on the eve of Torino-Milan, the President was on hand to answer questions fo a political nature as well as football matters. Regarding Balotelli: “I was misinterpreted. It’s not a dream, it’s the type of market signing that can’t be done anymore.”

Speaking exclusively to the Milan Channel, the President spoke about Robinho: “I like him a lot, both as a player and as a man. I want him to stay and he’s telling me things that make me think that he has changed his mind and wishes to stay of his own accord.”

“Tomorrow we have three important absences and the coach will inform me of possible substitutions. The team that faced Zenit played a  great game and were unlucky to concede with the only shot Zenit had. The better the adversary is, the better Milan play. When we play against a smaller team, they always fight hard and we’re used to teams putting in powerful performances against us. I think the team are getting back in the league. We’re on the tail end of the top group. Pato? We’re all asking ourselves when he’ll be back. I’m following the situation and I’m worried, just as he is.”