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A bittersweet win for the team who lose Nigel De Jong for the rest of the season. Adriano Galliani: “It’s a big loss and takes the shine off the win.”

MILAN - Here's what players and staff had to say after this afternoon's win over Torino:


“A bitter sweet Sunday. De Jong’s Tendine has snapped and that means the season is over for him. It’s a big loss for the team and takes the shine off the win. 10 points in 4 matches. It’s a real shame we dropped all those points at the start but the team has always been competitive. I’ve known President Berlusconi since November 1979 and he’s a real motivator. If he’d been here since August we’d be in the running for title. The team is working well now and we’re winning even when making mistakes. In the last four games, we’re back getting points the way we used to. The top 6 are good teams and we’ll have to do very well to get any higher than we are. We’re not thinking of Roma, there’s Reggina in the cup to come and Pescara who beat Genoa today. We started the season with a handicap of our own making. Muntari is doing well and Ambrosini is as well. We thought about sending Strasser out on loan but we decided to keep him. We have a big squad and we’ll have to make up for the absence of De Jong.”


“I wanted to keep on playing and get another goal but the important thing today was the win and the three points. We’re very happy. 13 goals are enough to make anyone happy. I want to keep on going like this. Nocerino’s first goal of the season was a real joy for all of us. Helping players who make mistakes is something that marks us out as we’re a great group. It’s great to hear the fans chanting. De Jong is a great player and he could really have helped us a lot. Let’s hope he gets back soon.”

“I scored and I’m happy. It was a great day. We won a tough match. I said to De Sciglio yesterday that I’d score from his cross and we came close today. He’s a great guy and he’ll have a great career. I’m happy here and I try to show my attachment to the club every time I take to the pitch. It’s terrible about De Jong as he always gives everything in training and on the pitch. We’ll try to keep on pushing for him. If we hadn’t dropped those points at the start of the season, we’d be in a good position now.”

"I was comfortable on the left as well. And when we play like we did today everything is good, it’s all a lot easier. Crossing is part of my game. We have to get the most out of Pazzini with crosses from the middle. We hope that Nigel will get back without any complications. It’s a big loss.”


"Nigel is not well and he’ll go to the hospital in the next few days. We’re very sorry and it’s a real shame for the team, he was helping us a lot. Best wishes to Nigel and we hope he’ll be back soon. We played a good second half and I’m happy. It was a good game.”


“I think the win was deserved. It’s always tough to play against Torino. It’s an important win, the third ina  row and was especially important after Roma won last night. We’re still a bit off but we have time to recover and things to improve on but now we have to think about the cup match on Thursday. We didn’t play the ball to feet enough in the first part of the match and as a result we didn’t look dangerous. We made a mistake to go behind in the match and Robinho scored a great goal to get us back into it. The second half was a lot easier. A coach, even a good one, can only do so much. The club has always been behind me both Adriano Galliani and President Berlusconi who has a lot of enthusiasm. We’re very sorry for De Jong as he was doing well and he’ll be out for a long time. In that position we have Ambrosini and Muntari will come back. We’ll see what happens in the transfer window, the club is monitoring things closely. I doubt that either Balotelli or Sniejder will be let leave their clubs. Today we started with a handicap of our own making but it was an attitude problem. Montolivo could play in front of the defense but he’s doing better where he is at the moment so he’ll have to adapt.”