14 December 2012


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A satisfied Massimilano Allegri after the win against Reggina: “The players deserved it. It was an important win and now we’ll think about Sunday.”

MILAN – Here’s what players and management had to say after Milan’s cup win over Reggina this evening.


“It’s an important win this evening, we played a bad first half and we did better in the second 45. The players deserve to get through to the next round. It was important to get that done and now we’ll think about Sunday. Niang is young, he has quality and he has to improve. He scored this evening and he’ll be given time to grow and he’ll definitely grow. Antonini got better as the game went on. It was Abate’s second game back and things will get better as they go on. There was tiredness on the pitch in the second half. We’re in good shape physically and should be getting better in the second half. It’s never good to make comparisons with Balotelli. Niang is a different player to Mario and he should be given the pace to grow. In Robinho I see a player who is committed and who wants to stay. Bojan wanted to do a bit too much here this evening, he should play as he know how. He has great technique. Pazzini has a great strike.”


“We wanted to put in a good performance and give a chance to some players who haven’t played that much in a while. Bojan has to stay calm. He’s trying to do too much and should instead of forcing it, he should wait for it to come. We had some problems in the first half and the second 45 went much better. We’re happy to be in the qauter finals with Juventus. We were waiting for a chance to give Niang an opportunity to play and we’re happy with what he did this evening. He gave the team movement. If we don’t stay focused we can lose games, we have to be quick. You can play good or bad but you can’t do anything without concentration.”


 “The win was good for the players to gain trust and for the team to keep on going forward. We have to be always focused as the other teams have good strong players and if we don’t stay focused we’ll run risks. I’m happy with the performance even if I didn’t score.”


“I played and a I feel good, I’m happy. I was out for six months but it didn’t hold me back. It’s better that the national team coach takes players to the African Cup of Nations who are 100% fit and I’ll stay here. I’m sorry to be out of the national side but it’d be impossible to be out for 6 months and then go straight to the African Cup of Nations. De Jong is a big loss for us, but I’m back playing now and we try and do well for him. I have to stay fit and try to help the team and do whatever the team and the coach asks of me. We can get higher in the league. When there were problems, I always said that the team would come back. Now we want to win the last two games before the winter break and then start the new year as best we can.”


“I’ll do whatever the team asks of me, the important thing is to play. If I’m fit to start the game I’m happy but it’s the coach who decides. I0m happy to be back and to have played an entire game. With the cold and the initial fear of getting inured again, you go slow at first then when you get confidence back it gets better.  The President was fundamental in our turnaround. His presence was good for the team. Now the new players are settled in and the positive results have helped us. Robinho is  a great player and it’s always better to have him in your team. He’s important for us and let’s hope he stays. Inter managed to get a win at the Juventus stadium and I don’t see why we can’t do the same.”

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