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Massimiliano Allegri ahead of Roma-Milan: “It’ll be a beautiful game. We’ll have to be attentive and not let our concentration levels drop. We’ll have to play an intelligent game.”

(IN THE PHOTO: Allegri during the press conference at Milanello)

MILAN – Here’s what the Rossoneri coach had to say ahead of Roma-Milan tomorrow evening:

"I think he’s one of the best coaches around. Roma is a team that once they start to play and develop their attacking part of the game, they get very dangerous. We have to play a good game from every point of view knowing that we’ll be up against one of the three best teams in the league with players that suit Zeman’s game well.”

“It’ll be a beautiful game. We have to be careful with the adjectives as it took us two months to start looking like a team. We have to continue working as we haven’t done anything yet. We’re growing as a team and we only have three injuries in De Jong, Pato and Didac Vilà. We have to stay calm and keep balanced as we have done during the difficult moments.”

“In their way of playing Roma tend to leave you some space even though lately, they’ve been conceding a lot less. We’ll have to play an intelligent game.”

“The draw is important and they’ll be two great games with two of the biggest teams in the world facing off. We hope to be a bit luckier this season than last. The only bad thing is that one us won’t be in the quarter finals. We’ll see what the best way to go into the game is. It all depends on Andriano Galliani’s visit to Brazil. I send my best wishes to Vilanova who’s now playing the toughest game of his life and I hope he wins it in the opening minutes. Barcelona have won almost all their games this year showing that they’re one of the best teams in the world.”

“If Pato and Robinho leave we’ll need another striker. 32 players is too many. Not for me but for them as they get excluded from the team. It’s right that they leave to play elsewhere.”
“With Roma, the game will be played in the middle of the park. We hope not to concede from a dead ball situation and maybe to score from one for a change.”

“Seeing Totti play is always beautiful, he’s running and has a lot of enthusiasm and he can always invent something to change the game. I’ll play with Pazzini and another forward.”

“It’s been a great year. We’ve had our difficulties but thanks to the club and the fans who have been so close to us, the team got back on track and we have to keep working. Regrets? Losing a league title that we had won.”

"The Totti-El Shaarawy aspect is a good reason o watch the game. Totti is in great form and doesn’t look his age. With the ball at his feet he’s always dangerous. I hoped and believe that I would be here to play this game. Tomorrow’s game is fundamental but not decisive as we’re close to the European places now. Winning would be important for the league position. Amelia will play tomorrow, he’s doing well. Beside Yepes will be one of Mexes and Zapata.”

“We’re okay in the middle of the field with Muntari back. Ambrosini is fine. We’ve lost De Jong which is a real shame. For us the Italian cup is a big objective to get into Europe and we have to face Juventus in their stadium. We’ll do everything to get through. I’ve never trained Balotelli and until I do I can’t pass judgment on him. He’s a Manchester Cioty player and there’s no point talking about him. He showed be allowed to grow as Mancini is doing. I don’t think that Pastore will be let leave PSG.”
“Nothing has changed regarding Pato in the last month. We’ll wait for Christmas and for Galliani to go to Brazil. Talking about his leaving at the moment makes no sense. He has extraordinary qualities but we’ll wait and see.”

“I won’t give myself any marks out of ten. I can divide this year in two parts. In the first six months, I had one team and for the second part of the year, another team. You can do certain things with certain players and you have to know how to adapt to other situations and to the quality of the players at your disposal.”

“We’ll have to be careful with Roma. The start of the second half against Pescara wasn’t good and we can’t afford that against Roma.”