First Team


Post-match interviews following Milan-Bologna this afternoon at the San Siro.


"Three very important points, as the points from the rest of the games will be as well. We’re very happy with the win and the performance. We created a lot of goal scoring chances. Niang is doing very well, he played well in genoa against Sampdoria as well. We created more than them and that paid off with Pazzini’s goal. I’m happy for Niang. I’m never completely satisfied. I made some chances and I’m just disappointed I didn’t score but that’s okay and I’m happy with the win. On one hand we had an advantage as we had the whole week to prepare for the game. I would have preferred to score if I’m honest but the performance was pleasing. We’ll now think of the next game and of getting the next three points. The important thing is that the team won and then if it’s me who scores or someone else, that’s not important. I really hope that the deal for Kakà goes through. He was always my hero and playing alongside him would be a dream come true. I think that Constant is a great player and he put in a great performance today. He has great qualities and there’s a good understanding between us and with Boateng on the left.”


"I’m happy to have made my debut in Serie A and I’m happy with the result as well. El Shaarawy and I worked hard for the team here today, we did well and we won. Kakà is a great player and if he came, that would definitely be a good thing. Balotelli would bring good experience to the club as well. We all have to improve and every day we work hard at that.”


"I’m happy, everyone here treats me well. They’ve always shown faith in me and I’m happy when I can repay this faith. I’ve been able to work well for the last few weeks. I’m happy because my performance was decisive. I hope I can continue to score big goals and help the team towards important objectives. We had a good first half but we didn’t score. The second goal was better than the first but the first allowed us to open the game up. It’s important for me to do well for Milan because the club believed in me and if I can repay that by scoring then that’s great. I’m on 10 goals now even if I haven’t always played and have had a couple of injuries. We’re all very curious to see if Kakà will come. If he does he’ll be welcomed with open arms and he’ll help us out a lot. Niang has very important qualities. As he’s young, he needs to learn tactically, but that’s normal. We’re all on his side though. I’ve done well against Bologna this season. Montolivo is a strong player, very intelligent and he can play in that role in front of the defense. I think a lot about the national team and if I score enough, the coach will have to call me up. It’ll be a tough match in Bergamo as Atalanta at home is a tough team to face.”


"Personally, I’m very happy with my performance and of course for the win, it was really important. I think we have to stay focused on ourselves and work hard. Against Atalanta for the next game will be anything but easy. It’s useful to have the whole week to work before the game as you can prepare well and you can see that on the pitch. We created a lot. Ricky is a great champion and if he comes back, that’s a very positive thing for us.”


“It’s not yet definite that Kakà will come and so we have to wait for that. If he comes, the technical level of the team rises without a doubt. Niang has the blessing of being able to play in an almost carefree way but he has to keep his head on his shoulders and work hard. He has great qualities but two good games is not enough to be a Milan player. He’s young as is El Shaarawy, they need to be advised. El Shaarawy has different characteristics to Del Piero. I’m happy with his performance. He didn’t score but he played well and gave intensity to the game. Until decisions are taken by the relevant authorities, incidents of racism will continue to occur. Montolivo did well today and he did very well in Genoa. He has real quality in his feet.”