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Nbaye Niang talks to his fans all over the world in the Hangout on Google+, live from Milan Channel studios.


MILAN - The Hangout with new Milan star Mbaye Niang started at 6.30pm CET, live on the AC Milan page of Google+.

From Texas (USA): If you could play anything other than professional soccer, what would you do
Niang - "I like playing tennis and handball, I like riding a motorbike but I cannot do it now that I am a professional footballer. I also wouldn't have minded being an actor."

From Faina (Sky): Who is your room mate?:
Niang - I have my own room but I get on really well with all my teammates, Balotelli, Robinho, Stephan.

Claudia would like to know if he would marry her but Mbaye is a taken man and is already dating someone!

When it comes to football, though, Niang has only one team on his mind: "I am only thinking about Milan. Of course I was born in Paris and I like PSG but I want to win everything here, starting with the Champions League. Italian football is very physical, it was difficult at the beginning because it is very tactical but now I feel much better."

Mbaye, what do you especially like about Milan?
Niang - "It is a great club, I like lots of things. All the people here at the club are very helpful. There is a lot to learn from the coach but I also like to learn from coach Tassotti and from Andrea Maldera."

The striker was also asked about Messi and the Ballon d'Or.
Niang - "I would have voted for Lionel Messi because he is the best player in the world. He deserves all the awards."

Fabrizio, a die-hard Milan fan, is wearing his Maldini shirt when he asks his question.
Niang - "When I was playing for the youth team in Caen my goal was to make it to a big club. Today I am playing for Milan and I hope to stay here as long as possible."

Other interesting things: "I listen to a lot of French and afro-american rap. When In play Fifa I choose either PSG or Real Madrid. The comparison with Henry is over the top, he did so much in his career and I have a lot of hard work to do but my goal is to become even better than him. I hit the post against Barcelona but I am still young and I hope to bounce back in some other game. When I came on against Palermo I felt normal, I am not thinking about the Barcelona game anymore, that is in the past. My mohawk hairstyle? Now have lines around the sides, I don't have the star anymore. I always watch Balotelli because he never gets a penalty or free kick wrong and I hope to overtake him over the years. I always try to look at the things I have not done so well not what I do well. The one game I really don't want to lose is the derby, I don't want to lose against Inter although, of course, I want to win every match."