First Team


The Milan players conducted the first of two training sessions this morning at Milanello in preparation for the match against Napoli. 


MILAN - A double trainin session was scheduled today to continue work ahead of the game against Napoli on Sunday evening.

The first session got under way at 11am. The players started with a light warm-up and were then divided into different groups to work on more individual needs.

The first group of players, made up of El Shaarawy, Boateng, Balotelli and Montolivo worked on running exercises while the goalkeepers continued their work on the lowered pitch.

Massimo Ambrosini was told to run long distance around the perimeter of the training grounds along with Didac Vilà.

The session then continued with a technical/athletic workout with sharp movements and quick passing with all parts of the body (feet and head). This involved all the players except for Balotelli, Boateng, El Shaarawy, Flamini, Bojan, Mexes, Pazzini and Traorè who all conducted running exercises in the sand pit.

The second session started at 3.30pm.

The squad got to work on the raised pitch, playing keep ball and movement of the ball in groups. This was followed by some work on tactics and then ended in a match.

Everybody joined in except for Massimo Ambrosini, who stayed in the gym, and Riccardo Montolivo, who conducted a personal training regime as scheduled (he has no injury problems).

Tomorrow Milan will play a friendly against Virtus Pavullese (Serie D) at 4pm.