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Massimo Ambrosini on everything and everyone: Juventus, Allegri, the league, El Shaarawy, De Sciglio and Niang. Ambrosini spoke to the Milan Channel today.

MILAN – Captain Massimo Ambrosini spoke to the Milan Channel today after training: “How am I feeling? I’m fine, I had a niggling problem earlier in the week but I’m ready for Sunday. We weren’t quite lucid in certain moments against Napoli. We should have managed the game better and perhaps tried to score another goal.”

“Juve are a very well equipped team, more so than us and they’re about to deservedly win another title. They have a real identity as a team amd they deserve all that they’re getting. Despite the Champions league exit, they’re a team in good health and they’ll be tough to face. Now we have also have to think about the teams behind us. There’s a four point difference between the team ahead of us and the team behind us. We have to make sure that we don’t lose and then we’ll have the fundamental home games to play.”

"Riccardo Montolivo is a player that has all the right characteristics to be a team leader. He got personality and charisma and he’ll be as asset to the team. Besides him, we also have Bonera and Abbiati.

We already knew last season that Stephan El Shaarawy had real potential but I won’t be offering to pay for his holiday’s next season like I did this time. Next season, he’s paying.

Mattia De Sciglio has really amazed me with his constituency this season. Niang is another player who clearly has a lot to offer. The important thing is that they stay hungry and don’t get satisfied with what they have.”

“Tiredness becomes a issue at this point in the season nd we’ll have to show our mental strength to not allow ourselves to switch off.”

“Allegri’s gift is the ability to transmit calm and trust to the players. He helped everyone to get out of a difficult period. We’ll make progress now with young players and ideas trying to win everything.”