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Another three points for the Rossoneri and another step taken towards third place.

MILAN – All the post-match reaction from players and staff after today’s win over Torino at the San Siro stadium:


"It was a tough game and one that we could have lost. All credit to Abbiati who in my opinion saved our skins. He was the best player on the pitch. He’ll be here next year for sure. He has a lifetime policy here. He’s the kind of keeper who saves results as well as shots. We didn’t play well, especially in the first half. We haven’t many injuries at the moment, but they’re all players who play in front of the defence. We really struggled today. Now we have a four point lead on Fiorentina and we have to win two of the remaining three games to be sure of third place. The match against Pescara is important. Credit to Juventus for their title win. They won by some distance. We’re already competitive. There may be some changes here and there but the team will be more or less as it is. We’re definitely competitive. The league will be over in two weeks time. I think third place is absolutely the best result possible given our start to the season. We worked our way back into the league race and that’s why I’m not worried. Now we’re back to our high standard. Pazzini was really important against Lazio and he has given us third place but also Flamini’s three goals have been important ones too. The match against Pescara will be fundamental. Winning there and maintaining our lead on Roma and Fiorentina would be great. Napoli second and Milan third. The best defence wins the league, that’s the rule. We’ll stay on the road that we’re on and the relationship with the coach if fine but anyone who doesn’t want to believe that is free to do so. I spoke to the President a few minutes ago and as long as he’s here, the fans can stay calm.”


"There are some games in the season that you have to win this way as the result s so important. Credit to everyone, even those who aren’t playing that much. Robinho came in with only 10 minutes left and gave his contribution. If we get to third place it’ll be thanks to everyone. I’d be happy with the 41 points won in the second half of the season. In the last 26 years, Milan have always been playing at the top end of the table but this year it’s been difficult, especially at the start, we dropped a lot of points but the club and team stuck together and worked hard and now the results have improved.
It’s a young group and I get on well with the mas I used to be young once as well. I hope that Balotelli keeps on scoring from here to the end of the season. Ambrosini will be back available for the match against Roma and maybe even for the match against Pescara. De Sciglio should play against Pescara. We’re a focused group and whoever takes to the field knows how to do well.”


“The win was really important here today, it wasn’t an easy game. Torino have shown that they know how to take to the field and they caused us problems. The team showed a lot of heart and that allowed us to keep pushing and look for the winning goal. I forced Baretto to put his shot to the right and I made sure I stayed on my feet as long as possible but if you don’t dive early, it’s tough to save a shot from that kind of distance. There was a bit more tension than usual as we wanted to win at all costs to get ahead of Fiorentina. I haven’t been lucky with injuries this year and I tried to get back as quick as possible to play here today. We have to get our strength back tomorrow as we have another game on Wednesday and we need to have our head at the right place against Pescara. The win will be key for third place. We played our first games this season very badly and that’s everyone’s fault. The it’s thanks to everyone that we fought our way back into it. Then we dropped our form a bit and Napoli got ahead of us.


“The first half was a bit strange, the closed up at the back and played a good game. They have a good coach who makes his teams play good football. I knew it was going to be tough but these are games that you’ll win or lose with heart. I’m happy as physically, I’m in good form and now we have a four point gap on Fiorentina. The important thing was to win. I wanted to express my thanks to the fans as for the team as a whole and even for me individually, they’ve always shown great support and encouragement. We have to win on Wednesday now as that would mean a big step towards the Champions League. Third place is a big result considering how we started the season. The club played a key role as in the tough times, they were close to the players. The fans, the team and the club all stuck together and I always try to give my all to repay the fans.”


“It was important to win today to get some distance on Fiorentina. Torino closed up very well and defended well. It was tough to get the goal. Abbiati made the difference with his saves, extraordinary stuff, he’s a great keeper. The group is united and with cohesion together with the support fo the club, we managed to get out of the tough moments that we’ve been through.”