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Ignazio Abate spoke exclusively to Milan Channel about the coming season.

Ignazio Abate spoke to Milan Channel today and the first questions were all regarding Italy and how his summer with the Azzurri has been.

He said: "In the Confederations Cup we did really well, we got past the group stage and we really deserved to go and play the final. In any case, we know what kind of problems we will face, starting with the heat, in the World Cup in Brazil. Every player wants to play in a World Cup but there are alot of months still to go. Obviously I hope to be called up but I will have to do well with Milan this season."

Abate also spoke about Milan's draw in the Champions League Playoffs against PSV Eindhoven.

"We have not been very lucky with the draws in recent years but PSV were not too lucky either. I don't think they wanted to meet us. From the second half of last season Milan turned the page and found consistency and were on the right track. I think Montolivo is an excellent captain, he has settled very well here right from the start. He is a point of reference for all of us and he also plays in a key role so I think it is a wise choice."

The aim for the rossoneri this season is the same as ever - to win trophies!

"We are amongst the group of teams that can aim for the scudetto. I think Juventus are a step above everyone else and then come all the others, us included, to try and make life difficult for them. It is a long season  and there are many factors that count. We just have to take it one step at a time and really try to start well, which we didn't do last season. Then we will see how well this team can really do as the season progresses."