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Only the top brands for AC Milan. Adriano Galliani on football themes: “Kakà is happy. I don’t think we can buy players every time someone gets injured.”

MILANELLO – Adriano Galliani and Filippo Inzaghi were at Milanello today for the press conference with Nivea for Men.

On Nivea For Men, Adriano Galliani said: “I think it’s very important to have leading brands as sponsors and I’ve always thought that. Milan as a brand do our sponsors good just as they do good for us. It’s a source of pride. Before saying yes to any sponsor, we try to understand what level they’re at and only after there’s a certain feeling between us do we say ‘yes’. With Real Madrid, we share Emirates, Audi, Adidas and now Nivea. And with Real, we’re the team that has won the most in Europe. Nivea sells their products on over 200 countries the world over. We have to stay focused and determined as we have done in these past 28 years of the Berlusconi era during which we’ve won everything and reached the top of the world. I think that Milan and Nivea are capable of doing something that the others can’t do.”

Adriano Galliani continued: “Kakà is happy to be here and he’s working well. Whether or not he starts is up to the coach. His return has been extraordinary from a sponsorship and merchandising point of view. The fans are happy, he’s happy and we’re all very satisfied. Honda? I’m not saying anything. I won’t talk about the transfer window until 3 January. Inter-Juve? I haven’t given it much thought and I don’t intend to. What Prandelli said about El Shaarawy was not banal and we should remember that if we’re in the Champions League, a big reason for that is because of him. He’s only 20 years old and he’ll do very well. There are moments when the learning curve will slow down, but remember, he’s gone from Padova to Milan all the way to the national side. He has a five year contract and we all believe in him. He’s shown a lot of affection for the Milan colors and if he had wanted to go away, he could have and he would have earned 3 times what he’s getting with us. We’re very ahppy with him. We have a lot of defenders numerically speaking and no one could have predicted that four of them would be out at the same time, Bonera, Silvestre, De Sciglio and Abate. Two centre back and two of Italy’s full backs. At the moment, it seems that we don’t have cover but that’s only because there are four of them out but injury problems always come to an end. Abate will be back within 15 days. We can’t buy players every time someone gets injured.”

Filippo Inzaghi also spoke: “A big part of my decision to go into coaching was because of Galliani and the advice he gave me. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of great coaches and it’s great to be able to stay here which is my home. The club have given me a great staff and I can see in the players’ eyes, the desire they have to learn. We did well last year. I learned a lot and I have a ,lot more to learn. It’s tough with the Primavera side but we give all we have in terms of desire and passion. I’ll stay with this club until they kick me out. We have the youth Champions League now and we’ll be up against Ajax, Celtic and Barcelona. It’ll be great to measure ourselves against them. I’m focused on coaching now and I won’t play again. I hope I can be important for the players and at the end of the year I hope I’ll have taught them something. That’s the Milan way. I try and transmit the love I have for this game. When people stop me to say thank you even today, it’s very emotional.”