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Kaladze talked at Milanello while still excited about the birth of little Levan. Kala tells about his emotions: the birth of his son and resuming work with his team mates after a difficult period.


MILANELLO - Here are the declarations made by Kakha Kaladze today at Milanello exclusively to Milan Channel's microphones:

Kala, first of all compliments for the birth of your son.
"Thank you, it's a wonderful thing. I am very happy, also for my wife and my son, little Levan, who weighs 3.8 kg; it was a huge satisfaction, I think only those who have experienced something like this can understand what kind of sensations you feel because it's hard to explain in words. A lot of emotion anyway, I'm the happiest man in the world.
I'm happy he was born here in Milan, I have been living here for nine years and I feel like this city is my home, my parents and my wife's parents have come here, by now I work and live here so it's normal that my son grows up here.
After a difficult period now I'm having a good one. In my career I went through bad periods, both family wise and in football because of injuries. I had been living difficultly for five months, because I had been subjected to a very delicate operation and I want to thank all those who stayed close to me: the Milan fans, the club who helped me a lot, my team mates, because their support was very important to me."

Physically how are you doing?
"I'm doing well, I'm working. I'm not able to work every day with the team yet, I played the last twenty minutes against Varese and now I am slowly resuming the work with the ball and soon I will be back at 100%."

How do you evaluate these first few days of the training camp, what has changed for you defenders in particular?
"Concerning the defence we have the same playing system, four defenders as always, the tactics have changed a little, we are working a lot with the ball: more speed, more reactivity. This year we'll see another Milan."