32^ ROUND | 26 APRIL 2015

Atalanta - Empoli 2 - 2 Fiorentina - Cagliari 1 - 3
Genoa - Cesena 3 - 1 Hellas Verona - Sassuolo 3 - 2
Inter - Roma 2 - 1 Lazio - Chievo Verona 1 - 1
Napoli - Sampdoria 4 - 2 Parma - Palermo 1 - 0
Torino - Juventus 2 - 1 Udinese - Milan 2 - 1


75' 2H Badu
58' 2H Pinzi
2 - 1
90' + 3
88' 2H Pazzini


90' +3 Generic Event The referee blows the end on Milan's 2-1 defeat the Friuli stadium. Pazzini's late goal was not enough for the Rossoneri to complete their comeback.
90' +3 Generic Event Milan win a free-kick.
90' Generic Event Three minutes extra-time will be added to the second half.
88' Action Pazzini Pazzini heads home a Cerci cross from the right following to a corner. Udinese 2-1 Milan.
88' Goal! Pazzini Pazzini reduces the gap for the Rossoneri!
87' Generic Event Milan win their first corner of the game.
86' Generic Event Milan are keeping possession.
84' Substitution Guillherme
83' Action Menez Menez fires a right-footed shot from the distance which is diverted.
80' Action Piris Piris commits a foul on Rami and skips booking after protesting with the referee.
75' Goal! Badu Badu makes it 2-0 for the hosts, slotting home on the rebound after Lopez had denied a Di Natale effort from the edge.
74' Substitution Bonaventura
72' Generic Event Udinese have a corner chance.
68' Off side Théréau
65' Action Abate Abate cuts in a delicious ball but Karnesis claims.
65' Action Bonaventura Bonaventura is fouled to award Milan a free-kick.
64' Substitution Suso
62' Action Abate Abate plays a cross-shot in but Karnesis claims with ease.
61' Action Badu Badu does not create any trouble to Lopez with a long-range finish.
58' Goal! Pinzi Pinzi breaks the deadlock for Udinese.
57' Action Suso Suso is brought down to award Milan a free-kick.
55' Action Menez Menez wins a free-kick for the Rossoneri, after being pulled by Widmar.
54' Action Pinzi Pinzi has an attempt from the distance but misses the target.
54' Substitution Geijo
53' Generic Event Udinese have a throw-in.
52' Action Di Natale Di Natale launches a counter-attack but his shot is wide over the bar.
50' Action Van Ginkel Van Ginkel does well to control down the ball only to fire over the bar.
49' Generic Event Milan have kept most of possession at the restart.
48' Action Antonelli Antonelli heads away a dangerous ball from the Milan box.
46' Substitution Paletta
46' Generic Event We are off again. The second half is underway.
45' +1 Generic Event The whisle goes for half-time. The first period ends goalless at the Friuli stadium.
45' +1 Action Antonelli Antonelli receives from Suso to finish off but the referee had seen a foul on Widmer and the goal is ruled out.
45' Generic Event One minute extra-time will be added to the first half.
44' Action Guillherme Guillherme threatens with a left-footed effort that ends just wide.
43' Generic Event Udinese have another corner chance.
43' Action Widmer Widmer almost heads home a Di Natale corner, with the ball ending inches wide.
41' Yellow card Pazzini Pazzini also finds his way into the referee's notebook after a foul on Badu.
40' Generic Event The first half has been hard-fought so far.
38' Yellow card Pinzi Pinzi is booked after a bad tackle on Suso.
36' Action Paletta Paletta stays down to the pitch after a challenge. He needs treatment at the side of the pitch, with Milan remaining down to ten.
36' Action Van Ginkel Van Ginkel fires a powerful shot high and wide.
33' Action Allan Allan sees a right-foot finish end over the bar.
32' Action Antonelli Antonelli clears away a dangerous cross from Widmer.
32' Action Pazzini Pazzini is fouled by Pinzi.
30' Action Allan Allan brings down Menez and is warned by the referee.
29' Yellow card Domizzi Domizzi is booked after a foul on Pazzini.
27' Action Di Natale Di Natale gets possession and breaks forward to win a corner.
24' Action Van Ginkel Van Ginkel sweeps off for a corner to close down Di Natale.
23' Action De Jong De Jong heads away following to a Udinese free-kick to concede a throw-in to the hosts.
21' Action Abate Abate cuts in from the right to find Suso but the Udinese defence avoid the danger.
20' Generic Event The pace of the game is high in this first period.
18' Off side Di Natale
17' Action Mexes Mexes does well to be first to ball and prevent Widmer cross to reach the upcoming Geijo and Di Natale upfront right.
16' Action Suso Suso falls down after a challenge, but the referee seems not interested.
14' Action Guillherme Guillherme fires from the long range but misses the target.
12' Action Abate Abate sends a cross in from the right but Domizzi clears away.
11' Generic Event Udinese win a free-kick.
10' Action Pinzi Pinzi treis his luck from the distance but misses the target.
8' Action Pazzini Pazzini is tackled by Domizzi, the referee only awards Milan a free-kick.
6' Action Antonelli Antonelli clears off for a corner a Widmer shot from the right.
6' Action Badu Badu finds some space and fires a right-footed shot but the shot is walled off Geijo.
4' Action Geijo Geijo has a chance but mishits the ball and the Rossoneri defence clear.
3' Generic Event Milan awarded a free-kick.
1' Action Di Natale Di Natale threatens with a left-footed shot but Diego Lopez is alert to the close post and saves.
1' Generic Event The Serie A game against Udinese is underway at the Friuli stadium.