25^ ROUND | 01 MARCH 2015

Atalanta - Sampdoria 1 - 2 Cagliari - Hellas Verona 1 - 2
Cesena - Udinese 1 - 0 Genoa - Parma - - -
Inter - Fiorentina 0 - 1 Palermo - Empoli 0 - 0
Roma - Juventus 1 - 1 Sassuolo - Lazio 0 - 3
Torino - Napoli 1 - 0 Chievo Verona - Milan 0 - 0


0 - 0
90' + 4


90' +4 Generic Event The referee blows the end on a goalless draw between Milan and Chievo at the Bentegodi stadium.
90' +3 Generic Event Chievo have a throw-in.
90' +2 Action Bonera Bonera is alert enough in defence to avoid Chievo to shoot home.
90' Generic Event Four minutes extra-time will be added to the second half.
89' Action Cerci Cerci dribbles past Cesar before cutting inside the box: his effort towards the near post is saved by Bizzarri.
85' Yellow card Antonelli Antonelli also finds his way into the referee's notebook for hugging Fetfatzidis.
84' Generic Event Milan have a throw-in.
82' Substitution Birsa
79' Action Menez Menez tries to find the bottom corner but his shot is deflected out.
78' Substitution De Jong
76' Substitution Meggiorini
75' Yellow card Alex Alex is cautioned after a foul on Paloschi.
72' Generic Event Milan win a corner kick.
70' Action López Lopez palms over the top a threatening shot on target from Paloschi.
69' Substitution Pellissier
67' Action De Jong Crucial block from De Jong to deny Meggiorini!
66' Action Menez Menez breaks down from the right and plays the ball to the near post for Pazzini, but Mattiello does well to intercept.
65' Substitution Destro
64' Action López Lopez makes a superb save to turn behind a Schelotto powerful finish.
60' Yellow card Meggiorini Meggiorini is booked after flooring Bocchetti.
58' Action Bonaventura Bonaventura skips past his marker before cutting the ball into the path of Destro but the striker cannot get on the end of it.
57' Generic Event Milan have been looking more aggressive in this second half.
55' Action Hetemaj Hetemaj receives treatment after a clash with De Jong. He is back almost soon after the restart of the play.
53' Action López Lopez is alert enough to punch the ball away from the resulting corner.
53' Action Meggiorini Meggiorini has an attempt on goal but Alex clears out for a corner.
52' Generic Event Milan win a corner kick.
50' Action Bocchetti Bocchetti heads away a dangerous ball into the box from Schelotto.
48' Action Honda Honda fires a powerful shot from the distance which hits the bar!! What an impact on the game for the Japanese!!
46' Generic Event One change for the Rossoneri at the restart. Chievo get the second-half underway.
46' Substitution Montolivo
45' Generic Event

The whistle goes for half-time, with Chievo and Milan heading goalless into the dressing-room.

44' Action Montolivo Montolivo picks out Destro just inside the box but the striker cannot get with his head and sends it over the top off his shoulder.
40' Off side Meggiorini
39' Generic Event Milan awarded a free-kick.
37' Action Menez Menez stays down on the pitch after a foul by Cesar.
36' Off side Antonelli
33' Action Menez Menez delivers a delicious cross into the box but couldn't connect with any Rossonero shirt.
32' Action Menez Menez is booked after fouling Pellissier on the counterattack.
27' Action Pellissier Pellissier looks unable to continue the play and Paloschi starts warming up for the hosts.
27' Action Montolivo Montolivo is brought down to award Milan another set-piece.
25' Action Pellissier Pellissier skips past Bocchetti to break into the box, his shot is saved by Lopez, with Antonelli putting the ball coming from the rebound into the back of his net.
24' Action Hetemaj Hetemaj does well to dispossess Destro in his attempt to break into the box.
22' Action Meggiorini Meggiorini has a volley ending high and wide over the bar.
21' Action Pellissier Pellissier is fouled by Bocchetti.
19' Action Birsa Birsa crosses towards the back post and Schelotto surges forward to head it but Lopez is quick off his line to save.
17' Action Schelotto Schelotto brings down Antonelli to award Milan a free-kick.
16' Action Alex Alex takes the free-kick but his powerful shot is deflected off Poli, with the ball rolling back to Bonera. The defender's effort is then claimed by Bizzarri.
15' Generic Event Milan awarded a free-kick.
10' Action Birsa Birsa cuts a cross in for Pellissier who commits a foul on Bocchetti in the attempt of connecting with it.
8' Action Destro Destro receives a pin-point pass from Poli but his shot is weak and Bizzarri claims with ease.
3' Action Bonaventura Bonaventura goes down the left flank but his race is stopped by Mattiello. First corner for the Rossoneri.
2' Generic Event The pace of the game is high from the very start.
2' Action Bocchetti Bocchetti heads away a dangerous ball into the box.
1' Generic Event The Serie A game between Milan and Chievo is underway at the Bentegodi stadium.