Fixture List TIM Cup Season 2015 / 2016

Third qualifying round

Fourth elimination round

Round of 16

Quarti di finale





1^ ROUND | 26 JANUARY 2016

Alessandria - Milan 0 - 1    


0 - 1
90' + 4
43' 1H Balotelli (P)


90' +4 Generic Event The referee blows the end on Milan's 1-0 success over Alessandria in the first leg of the TIM Cup semi-finals. Balotelli decided the score with a penalty goal. Niang hit a post in the final stage.
90' +4 Action Montolivo Montolivo clears away a dangerous cross from Fischnaller.
90' +3 Action Abbiati Abbiati does well to deny a Branca free-kick.
90' +2 Action L. Luis Adriano almost scores Milan's second.
90' Generic Event Four minutes extra-time will be added to the second half.
89' Action Montolivo Montolivo tries his luck with a low shot from 20 yards out which Vannucchi does well to stop with a diving save. Another chance!
89' Off side Poli
86' Yellow card Sosa Sosa is cautioned after a foul on Honda.
85' Substitution Boateng
84' Action Niang Niang hits the post after a good run into the Alessandria box! His low strike is deflected by Vannucchi off the woodwork.
82' Substitution Marras
80' Action Gianmarco Vannucchi rushes out to stop Niang as he is set off by Antonelli and breaks into the Alessandria box.
78' Action De Sciglio De Sciglio is back to the fray.
75' Action De Sciglio De Sciglio stays down after a challenge with Mezavilla and needs treatment at the side of the pitch.
73' Action Poli Poli has a goal ruled out, as Niang is caught in an off-side position by the referee.
72' Action Niang Niang has an immediate chance to double but does not manage to finalize a delicious cross from Honda.
71' Substitution Balotelli
69' Action Bocalon Bocalon fires a powerful shot from the dge, but it ends up flying just wide of the near post.
67' Action Nicco Nicco is set off by Fischnaller on the edge of the box but wastes over the top of the bar.
64' Action Bocalon Bocalon has an attempt from the edge fo the box which ends just wide of the post.
63' Substitution Mauri
62' Action Abbiati Abbiati comes out from the posts to punch away a Branca corner delivery.
61' Action Fischnaller Fischnaller fires a volley from the edge of the box which is deflected off Zapata's chest and away from danger.
60' Substitution Marconi
60' Substitution Loviso
56' Action Fischnaller Fischnaller fires a powerful strike from the distance, but does not manage to trouble Abbiati who sees it sail a well over the bar.
55' Action Marras Marras has a chance after receiving from Fischnaller but his first-time effort ends into the hands of Abbiati.
50' Yellow card Sabato Sabato is booked after a challenge on Balotelli.
50' Action Honda Honda almost double for Milan! He connects with a cutting pass back from Balotelli, but his short-range effort is deflected out by Sabato.
49' Generic Event The Rossoneri have been in charge of the ball in the early stage after the restart.
46' Generic Event No changes at the restart. The second half is underway at the Olympic stadium.
45' Generic Event The whistle goes for half-time, with Milan leading 1-0 over Alessadria at the break thanks to a penalty goal from Balotelli.
43' Yellow card Morero Morero is booked after bringing down Antonelli inside the Milan box.
43' Penalty Goal! Balotelli Balotelli gives Milan the lead from the spot!
42' Action Antonelli Antonelli breaks down the left wing but is floored by Morero inside the box to award Milan a penalty kick.
41' Action De Sciglio De Sciglio runs down the right wing, but he is dispossessed by Loviso just before he can shoot. What a chance!
40' Action Balotelli Balotelli has a big goalscoring chance, as he receives an excellent pass from Honda but he does not manage to beat Vannucchi with a first-time volley which ends just high.
39' Action Loviso Loviso takes another free-kicks for Alessandria: his pass ends past the wall and into the path of Marras, but the winger is unable to make contact with the ball.
34' Action Poli Poli receives from Jose Mauri after a good break-through by Adriano on the left wing, but the midfielder's low strike is well saved by Vannucchi.
28' Action Balotelli Balotelli is picked out by Antonelli with a delicious pass but his strike is too near to Vannucchi and the goalkeeper claims the ball easily.
27' Action Honda Honda works a great ball into the box but Luis Adriano does not manage to get to the end of it for inches.
24' Action L. Luis Adriano unleashes a shot from inside the box, but Morero deflects with his body to help Vannucchi.
22' Action Loviso Loviso takes a set-piece for Alessandria but his shot crushes into the wall and is deflected out for a corner.
18' Action Marconi Marconi also tries his luck from the distance, but his effort is high and wide.
17' Action Balotelli Balotelli runs down the left flank before trying to test Vannucchi from 25 yards out, but his shot ends wide of the near post.
15' Action Balotelli Balotelli almost gets to the end of a De Sciglio pass to the edge of the Alessandria penalty area, but misses the ball for inches.
8' Action Romagnoli Romagnoli heads towards goal from a Milan corner delivery but Vannucchi saves his attempt.
7' Action Mauri Mauri connects well with Balotelli before the latter fires a cross off Sosa and out for a corner.
5' Generic Event The Rossoneri have kept most of possession so far.
3' Action Balotelli Balotelli receives a delicious cross towards the near post from De Sciglio but he misses the target with his effort.
2' Generic Event Milan earn an early free-kick after a foul on Luis Adriano.
1' Generic Event The first leg of the TIM Cup semi-finals against Alessandria is underway at the Olympic stadium.