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milan-sassuoloSERIE A TIM

Milano, Stadio San Siro
Martedì 6 gennaio, ore 15 

Ticket sale opening: free sale open from Monday, December 22nd. 


On the occasion of the first 2015 AC Milan home match, disfruit the special offer "15+15"! If you buy a Mondo Milan Museum ticket, you can buy a First Green Tier ticket for Milan-Sassuolo game at 15 Euro!


• this special offer is valid only for Mondo Milan Museum tickets bought from January 2nd to January 6th (not for reduced price tickets). 
• 15 Euro stadium tickets are sold only in Casa Milan ticket office until tickets available; to obtain the reduced price tickets it is necessary to show the museum ticket.
• stadium reduced price tickets can't be handed over (no name changings).

Where to buy:

- online with AC Milan eticketing service
- Casa Milan ticketing office
- every branch of Banca Popolare di Milano group
- AC Milan Call Center - 02.62284545  
- stadium ticket office, if tickets available

Ticket price list: fascia B

Attention - Ticket Transfer

For technical reasons, the ticket transfer service is active up 4 hours before the game.

San Siro Stadium Regulations 

Important note

Please do not buy tickets through unofficial point of sales (especially internet websites) or through touts near the stadium. AC Milan strongly advice to avoid this way of buying because there is high risk of fraud, as they usually sell counterfeit, invalid or price risen tickets. 

AC Milan will not refund you for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by tickets bought through unofficial point of sales.

Info line

For more information call 02.62284545, from Monday to Saturday, 9am - 8pm.
Privacy Call Center