34^ JORNADA | 19 ABRIL 2014

Atalanta - Hellas Verona 1 - 2 Catania - Sampdoria 2 - 1
Chievo Verona - Sassuolo 0 - 1 Fiorentina - Roma 0 - 1
Genoa - Cagliari 1 - 2 Juventus - Bologna 1 - 0
Lazio - Torino 3 - 3 Milan - Livorno 3 - 0
Parma - Inter 0 - 2 Udinese - Napoli 1 - 1


SáBADO 19 ABRIL 2014
84' 2P Pazzini
51' 2P Taarabt
43' 1P Balotelli
3 - 0
90' + 2


90' +2 Generic Event The referee blows the end on Milan's round success over Livorno at the San Siro. Goals came from Balotelli, Taarabt and Pazzini to give the Rossoneri their 5th consecutive win.
90' Generic Event Two minutes extra-time will be added to the second half.
89' Action Siligardi Siligardi sees his shot from distance taking a deflection for a corner.
86' Action Montolivo Montolivo unleashes a right-footed shot from the distance which ends just over.
84' Action Pazzini Pazzini meets a delicious pass from Balotelli before slotting home with a first-time shot! Milan 3-0 ahead!
84' Goal! Pazzini Pazzini adds a third to Milan's tally!!
82' Substitution Benassi
82' Substitution Robinho
81' Action Pazzini Pazzini has a goalscoring chance but puts far too much power behind it and the ball flies over the bar.
79' Action Montolivo Montolivo gets the ball inside the box after a free-kick but Castellini blocks the cross.
78' Action Pazzini Pazzini has a challenge with Rinaudo and the referee blows.
78' Action Taarabt Taarabt stays down to the pitch after a challenge of Mosquera.
74' Substitution Kaká
73' Substitution Emeghara
73' Yellow card Rami Rami is booked after a foul on Paulinho.
71' Action Balotelli Balotelli has a long-range shot deflected off a defender.
69' Action Kaká Kakà combines with Balotelli in attack but his return pass is failed and the action fades away.
66' Substitution De Jong
65' Action Robinho Robinho picks Balotelli out with a low cross across the face of goal, but Bardi dives well to save.
60' Action Piccini Piccini has a left-footed attempt blocked by Abbiati.
59' Action Balotelli Balotelli breaks down to the right but his route to goal is blocked by Livorno.
57' Substitution Mesbah
55' Action Greco Greco runs down the left but De Jong finally lunges in to sniff out the danger.
51' Action Taarabt Taarabt is feeded at the top of the box before skipping past two defenders and slotting home for Milan's double!
51' Goal! Taarabt Taarabt makes it 2-0 with his first goal at the San Siro!
49' Action Balotelli Following to the free-kick Balotelli receives into the box and fires a powerful volley, but sends over the bar.
49' Generic Event Balotelli wins a free-kick after Mesbah lunges in with a tackle.
46' Action Montolivo Montolivo receives from Balotelli who cuts back into the box but the midfielder's shot is just palmed away by Bardi.
46' Generic Event No changes at the restart. The second half is underway at the San Siro.
45' Generic Event The whistle goes for half-time. Milan go into the break leading 1-0 over Livorno thanks to Balotelli's opener!
43' Action Balotelli Balotelli gets on the end of a Constant cross to head past Bardi for Milan's opener!
43' Goal! Balotelli Balotelli breaks the deadlock for the Rossoneri with his 14th goal in the league!
41' Generic Event Milan putting some great pressure, Livorno can't get the ball away from their box.
39' Action Benassi Benassi has an attempt off target.
37' Action Robinho Robinho is sent through by Balotelli and falls down after a challenge with Mesbah. The referee waves play on.
35' Action Paulinho Paulinho steps up to take the set-piece but wastes over the bar.
34' Generic Event Livorno have a free-kick from the edge of the box.
34' Yellow card Abate Abate is booked after a foul on Mesbah.
33' Action Taarabt Taarabt feeds Robinho into the box but the Brazilian's shot is deflected just wide at the near post.
32' Yellow card Rinaudo Rinaudo is cautioned after a nasty challenge on Balotelli.
30' Action Kaká Kakà follows up after a Robinho attack, but his first-time shot ends just inches wide of the far post!
28' Action Balotelli Balotelli has his first shot of the game which takes a deflection and just flies wide of the far post.
26' Action Kaká Kakà plays a pinpoint cross towards Constant but he does not manage to meet it.
25' Action Paulinho Paulinho has a weak attempt from the range but with no success.
24' Yellow card De Jong De Jong is also cautioned following to a late tackle on Paulinho.
23' Action Abate Abate earns a throw-in inside the attacking half.
21' Yellow card Duncan Duncan is booked after bringing down Taarabt.
17' Action Greco Greco fires a shot from distance but misses the target.
16' Action Duncan Duncan commits a foul on Kakà to concede Milan a free-kick.
14' Generic Event Milan have a throw-in.
13' Action Montolivo Montolivo delivers a long-range set-piece and Rami stands up over the rest to head in but sees the ball stamping off the bar. What a chance!
11' Action Taarabt Taarabt tries his luck from the distance but his powerful shot ends over the bar.
10' Action Kaká Kakà runs down the right and tries to combine with Robinho, but his shot is blocked and Livorno clear the danger.
6' Off side Mesbah
5' Generic Event Milan win a free-kick.
4' Action Rami Following to an Emeghara counter-break, the ball is played into the box and Rami diverts out for a corner.
3' Action Abate Abate delivers a cross into the box but Castellini intercepts.
2' Action Taarabt Taarabt tries to set up Robinho but Livorno clears away for a corner.
2' Action Castellini Castellini closes with some risk as Taarabt breaks through.
1' Generic Event The Serie A game between Milan and Livorno is underway at the San Siro.