Milan City Camp a Gravina in Puglia

Location and accomodation

Sports Facility

Stadio Comunale "Stefano Vicino"

Via Fazzatoia, 9, 70024 Gravina in Puglia BA

Gravina in Puglia (BA)


  • € 205


kit PUMA

Starting from

€ 55

Goalkeeper kit puma Milan City Camp

1 Puma goalkeeper shirt, 1 pair of Puma goakeeper shorts, 1 pair of Puma socks

Starting from

€ 40

Kit puma Milan City Camp

T-shirt adidas rosso-nera    1 pairs of shorts adidas black     1 pairs of socks adidas

Check out the kit of the city you are interest in, also, it is possible to ask directly at the manager of the chosen location to integrate the base kit with additional articles. The Puma kit issued will be only one, independently from the number of weeks of the course.

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