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AC Milan Training School

Over these past years AC Milan has developed training paths addressed to coaches and sports directors, structured over multiple levels. The purpose of these courses is to create a different sports culture and at the same time increase the knowledge and skills of all those involved in a sports organisation and those who are not. Each stage of the course represents a more specific level within the various areas of the Integrated Method development. The Training School offers courses to give to all those who are involved in sports organisation the opportunity to gradually become part of AC Milan’s world.

The school’s goal is to enhance and bring, to the benefit of the stakeholders, the excellence of the historical, cognitive and experience heritage – also at an international level - which the Club developed. It is based on a sports and management training method where human resources are at the centre of an approach based on dialogue which identifies the training needs of individual participants and defines for each of them the most appropriate path, both individually and as groups.

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Making people aware of their abilities and of their human potential


Enhance the excellence of each individual through the planning and creation of experienced-based training courses, which can fill the gap between theory and practice, between awareness and action, between what we know and what we can do, based on the relations between those taking part in the participants and the world of sports. 

The courses and the training activities

AC Milan's Training School organises courses addressed to all those subjects involved in the sports world and not only, to develop the following areas:


Organises company training courses for each different commercial sector, available also for those who are not in sports business.

Events for Universities and Companies

The Training School give the opportunity to Companies and Universities to know AC Milan with its history, through the testimony of its managers, during meetings organised at the Club's headquarters, Casa Milan.

AC Milan's training method aims to generate questions, foster the development of new projects and define new itineraries in line with the values and mission of the company. The main purpose is to teach the participants to research and study together and  to discuss critically and proactively and then transform the results obtained in operational methods. One of the highly significant criteria of “how to make training” is to create a good ability of human and educational relationship. The trainer, AC Milan, is committed to developing the sensitivity and propensity necessary to calibrate in a wise and empathetic way the diversity, in order to encourage the learning of all participants, to reduce the resistance to change by all. The formative moment becomes an opportunity for exchange, creation and regeneration. It is based on experiential learning, because learning is more effective with a concrete experience and reflective observation. In fact, learning is a process that requires that the participant is not only formed through the content discussed in the classroom, but above all thanks to the path that leads to knowledge. The roles during the workshop change with the participant having an active role during the course and with the trainer passing on and integrating old and new skills. Through this methodology the participants can explore their emotional intelligence to enhance their leadership, relational and teambuilding skills.

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