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Genoa mark the second consecutive draw for the Rossoneri, who are now on 20 points

AC Milan Primavera got their second consecutive draw in their away fixture. It finished 0-0 against Genoa, with the Rossoneri now on 20 points in the league, three away from the play-off zone. A draw which represents the second consecutive clean-sheet for Giunti's lads, who are consolidating on the progress made against Roma on Wednesday, at least with regards to defence: the Rossoblù, playing in their own ground, were looking dangerous, especially in the first 30 minutes, whilst the Rossoneri went the distance and tried to take the lead on the counterattack. 

There is room for improvement and it is doable, for an AC Milan side that nevertheless seems to have found its feet with a good level of consistency in their playing style and their results after their last negative spell. The Rossoneri defence's good run of form is worth mentioning, with Jungdal between the sticks and the duo of  Mionić and Saco at centre-back. Next weekend will see another fixture: the Rossoneri head to the Vismara to play Cagliari on Saturday 20th March at 11:00 CET.


The match was very tight from the off, with the two sides an equal match. Whereas AC Milan won lots of corners, Genoa had the best chances at first: Jungdal did well in the 27th minute to stop Dumbravanu's attempt. The Rossoneri went the distance, trusting Roback's attacks: first with a header in the 33rd minute, then a nice move in the 37th. The first half finished with Saco going for a header on the end of the umpteenth AC Milan corner, but it went over the bar. 

The second half opened along the same lines as the first, with lots of long periods of possession for both sides and few chances. AC Milan saw Mionić go for goal: in the 55th minute he broke free in the area but his finish failed to make the back of the net. The Rossoneri held their own better than in the first half and had a great chance in the 74th minute with El Hilali: Youns in front of goal yet again, facing Agostino, who had to come out to block his shot. In the last few minutes, Genoa gave us a fright: in the 85th minute, Besaggio hit a free-kick which Dumbravanu almost got on the end of, missing it by a whisker. 



GENOA (3-5-2): Agostino; Serpe, Zaccone, Dumbravanu; Dellepiane, Cenci (75' Eyango), Besaggio, Turchet, Piccardo (89' Gjini); Della Pietra (89' Conti), Kallon. Subs.: Tononi, Chiricallo, Parodi, Marcandalli, Palella, Maglione, Zielski, Dalla Pina, Bamba. Coach: Chiappino.
AC MILAN (3-4-3): Jungdal; Stanga, Michelis, Obaretin (66' Coubis); Frigerio, Saco (66' Brambilla), Mionić, Di Gesù; El Hilali, Tonin (71' Nasti), Roback (71' Robotti). Subs.: Desplanches, Pseftis; Filì, Bright. All.: Giunti.

Referee: Cudini
Booked: 22' Obaretin (M), 84' Stanga (M), 88' Piccardo (G)
Notes: 88' yellow card to Giunti for complaining

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