28 May 2017


From a legend to a legend: AC Milan's historic Captain greets Francesco Totti, who today ends his great career as a professional footballer with Roma

1 June 1997 - 28 May 2017. There's a common thread connecting these two days. It's sport, it's football, it's passion. AC Milan-Cagliari, twenty years ago and Roma-Genoa, today. Two matches that marked an era, probably the end of it. And it's not just football, it's more. Franco Baresi, first, now Francesco Totti. A piece of world football history has reached the end of the line, hangs up his boots. The routine that has been part of almost your entire life, the colours you have always worn, the friends and the teammates you have shared wins and defeats with. Captain Franco Baresi knows this feeling well and speaking to acmilan.com he wanted to leave a message for Totti on the day of the farewell of "The King of Rome" as a professional footballer.

It was a different Totti, at his early days, the one faced by Franco Baresi for the first time: "He was very young, I was going towards the end of my career, but despite the young age he already was showing he was not an average player. He had skills you could never imagine, he controlled the ball like a senior, you could see he was predestined". And this, as time went by, was confirmed more and more: "Totti can play anywhere up front, he's very mobile and always capable of being in the right position to receive the ball, he has a great shot... great assister and goal scorer. He has been one of the best in that role".

From the past to the present, because today is going to be pretty intense for Roma's captain: "The thoughts, the memories that go through your mind on this day are really never ending. You relive all your career in your mind and it's really moving. It's going to be a special day for Francesco, with all the fans there for him, with a sold-out stadium. It's not going to be easy to hold back the tears". But the question is: how difficult is it to experience such an emotional day? "He has to enjoy it, fully. Francesco knows how much Roma fans love him, how great esteem and respect he has gained from the fans throughout the world. This is a great victory". Lastly, a question on Totti's future and Franco Baresi suggests: "Totti is Roma. It's not easy to suggest to him what he should do. He has to think of doing something that makes him happy".

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