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Franco Baresi talked to the fans on Twitter today.

MILAN – Here’s today’s exclusive Twitter Q&A with club legend Franco Baresi @acmilan.

Q: If a film was made of your life, who would you want to act in it?
A: Good question. I have a weakness for Batman, Cristian Bale’s last film was really good.

Q: Did Milan change you in some way? Do you have message for the current players?
A: Love what you do, play with passion and any objective becomes possible.

Q: What the main quality that a defender needs?
A: The best quality is attention.

Q: If you could play against anyone today, who would it be?
A: I’d like to play against Barcelona.

Q: What’s your relationship with Paolo Maldioni like?
A: Our relationship is good. We see each other often with the Milan Glorie team and the Milan Foundation.

Q: What you think of this young Italian side? Do you think they’ll life the World Cup in Brazil?
A: They’ve got a lot better in recent years and I think they can do well in the World Cup.

Q: Captain, what’s the game you remember the most?
A: I’d say the time we played Barcelona in ’94 (Big win for Milan).

Q: Which defender is the most like you?
A: The name that comes to mind is Thiago Silva.

Q: Who’s your best friend?
A: there are many ex-players that I call friends, in Italy and abroad.

Q: What’s your favorite color?
A: Blue. And red and black of course.

Q. Will you coach Milan in the future?
A: Never say never!

Q: How does a great player like yourself know when the time has come to retire?
A:It’s a delicate decision and you have to be prepared for it, but it’s important to make space for young players.

Q: Who’s the best player you’ve come up against?
A: Maradona, Careca and Romario.

Q: You played against your brother in derby matches. Is there one match in particular that surprised you?
A: Playing in the same position, me and my brother clashed often. They were always very emotional games.

Q: Who is the best defender in Italy today?
A: It is difficult to answer because there are a lot.

Q: Why did you stay at Milan when they were relegated?
A: It was to thank the club where I first started out.

Q: Where do you like to go on holiday?
A: The seaside.

Q: You played against Ronaldo and Romario, who do you think was better?A: Ronaldo came to Italy when I had retired. Joking apart Romario was better.

Q: As a player which match did you enjoy playing in the most?
A: All the matches against Real Madrid were fantastic, especially in '89.

Q: Would you say the Milan defence 1988-1994 and the Italy one coached by Vicini in '90 were the strongest you played in?
A: I would agree, we won everything then!

Q: What was the most emotional moment in a Milan shirt?
A: The first Champions League final and my farewell match but there were lots of others.

Q: What do you think of De Sciglio?
A: He is showing his quality and he has a great future ahead.

Q: Is there anything you would change?
A: I would change the World Cup Final but overall it is a fairytale!

Q: Who was your favourite player when you were young?
A: A Milan player, Gianni Rivera

Q: Who was the best between Baresi and Beckenbauer?
A: Beckenbauer was the best in his role.

Q: How is the youth sector working?
A: The club are really backing this area and it is playing off.

Q: What sports do you like apart from football?
A: Basketball and tennis!. I am a big fan of the NBA

Q:Have you ever had to give a "reprimand" some young talent who then has become a champion?
A: I had to reprimand some young players who were with us! # Maldini did not need it even at 17 years.