AC Milan and Milan Expo: What to Do with Kids

Milan Expo games for kids

The Milan Expo of 2015 begins May 1, thru October 31, 2015. This event will bring together more than one hundred and forty countries. This gathering of people from all walks of life will discover the beneficial differences about each other and enjoy the love of food and the sport of football. The Expo's Mascot Foody, is a colourful walking group of fruits and vegetables that represent a healthy salad and was designed by Disney Italia.

The creative minds of the Reggio Children’s Team did an extraordinary job of Creating the Children’s Park. The designated 7500 meters of land have ten exhibits for the young ones to play and have fun while they learn about nutrition and selecting healthy foods to eat.

Milan Expo: what to do with children?

The International Football clubs that has ties with the city and the Reds and Blacks of Milan developed an ingenious plan.

Keeping the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life in mind, 5,000 students from primary schools will compete against one another to design the banners to decorate the San Siro stadium. The primary school winners will walk with the football players onto the field. The winning middle school pupils will receive a tour of the locker rooms, walk through the tunnels of their favorite player's and get a VIP view of the entire stadium. Plus, they will meet the famous footballers and receive free entry to the games. The football clubs granted a 50% discount to all the students from other schools. The children of all ages will cherish this memory throughout their lifetime.

Milan Expo entertainment for children

AC Milan & Expo entertainment

The Casa Milan building is an architects and engineers’ imagination in full bloom. The athletes’ statues are posed to look like they're running up the angled roof to reach the top of the building.

The Mondo Milan Museum resides in this striking complex. The state-of-the-art software to view the clubs 115 year history are called histograms. The touchscreens will show the athletes techniques to win the game, their history with the team and other related subjects.

Walk through the complex and enjoy the displays of the authentic autographed jerseys, footballs and shoes, that were worn by the famous players.

The trophy room magnificently displays the UEFA International Champion and National cups the club has won throughout the years. You can experience the thrill of being at the game for the first time or relive the memories, by watching the game on a screen at the museum. The Hall of Fame will let you vote and rank your favourite player.

The kids can visit the museum with parents, friends or the schools can book a class trip. The touch screens on the walls, tables and other areas are easily accessible and kid friendly.

Celebrate your child's birthday in the home that is dedicated to the internationally famous Red and Black footballers of Milan. Your child will meet the team Mascot Milanello, who will cheer when it's time to blow out the candles, on the custom baked football themed birthday cake. Give your child a spectacular birthday present, by booking a party for him and his friends at the Mondo Milan Museum.

The AC Milan store sells the official jerseys, shoes, footballs and other merchandise worn and used by the AC footballers. The specialty products that are made for the club sell quickly and are kept as collector’s items. Tickets for the next game can be purchased from the store for the convenience of the customers.

Casa Milan has an in-house restaurant called Cucina Milanello. This is the place to sit down, relax and enjoy Milan’s culinary delights. They serve healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When your work day has ended, stop in during Happy Hour and watch an international or AC home game, on one of the screens in the restaurant.

The AC Milan Football club and the Sanrio company have a surprise for females of all ages. The mascot of the AC Milan club, the little red devil named Milanello will be sharing the spotlight with the famous Hello Kitty celebrity from Japan.