Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan Collaborate

Milan Expo 2015 Focuses on Food and Sporting Fun:
Milan Expo soccer players in San Siro

The Milan Expo 2015 runs from May 1 through October 31, and the AC Milan Soccer Club is working in collaboration with the host to offer exciting, fun soccer-related activities during the six month long festival. The World Expo is titled “Feeding the Planet, Energy For Life” and it brings together over 190 countries from around the world to discuss, educate on and plan sustainable food production. AC Milan is excited about the collaboration because they believe that the Milan Expo, sport and soccer together offer the best that is Milan and that Milan Expo will be the best event to show Milan throughout food, energy and good sports.

Early ticket sales for the Milan Expo 2015 total over 8 million so far, with over 5 million being purchased internationally. Soccer is the worlds’ most popular sport, and AC Milan has long been known as one of the worlds’ top soccer teams. It is expected the team will draw thousands of soccer fans to the San Siro Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, which is their home stadium. The team expects Milan Expo 2015 visitors will experience what promises to be a rich selection of soccer activities presented by AC Milan during the event.

This is the first of many collaborations launched: in fact, AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015 are collaborating together to offer activities for visitors to the world fair.

AC Milan and Milan Expo 2015 sports: Milan Junior Camps

Milan Expo 2015 and AC Milan are planning to offer many fun activities at the San Siro Stadium over the course of the six month festival. AC Milan has long been involved in supporting children’s soccer sports, and currently runs Milan Junior Camps in more than 30 countries around the world. Each summer more than 12,000 children learn languages, international cultures and soccer at AC Milan Junior Soccer Camps. It is sure that AC Milan will demonstrate to the world how Milan Expo 2015, sports and soccer bring the worlds’ children together.

Milan Expo sport Stadium

Milan Expo 2015, Sports and Soccer: San Siro Stadium Giuseppe Meazza

The AC Milan club manages this iconic stadium, which seats over 80,000 fans. The Club is excited to bring Milan Expo 2015, sport and soccer events together during the festival, as a celebration of how soccer has united the world. While at the San Siro Stadium, Milan Expo 2015 visitors can tour the stadium itself, one of the largest football stadiums in the world. Many of the activities planned by AC Milan will take place here, including two regular season football games. InterMilan will be managing the first game versus AC Milan on April 19, and AC Milan hosts with a big event AS Roma on May 9.

Also at the stadium named CASA Milan, the headquarter of the club, we find the museum Mondo Milan, a museum dedicated to all the excitement of the world famous AC Milan soccer team. Mondo Milan displays all the trophies won by the team, kits and gear of AC Milan’s greatest players and many interactive opportunities that connect the visitor to the full experience about AC Milan.

AC Milan Casa Milan for Milan Expo 2015