36^ ROUND | 01 MAY 2016

Chievo Verona - Fiorentina 0 - 0 Empoli - Bologna 0 - 0
Genoa - Roma 2 - 3 Juventus - Carpi 2 - 0
Lazio - Inter 2 - 0 Milan - Frosinone 3 - 3
Napoli - Atalanta 2 - 1 Palermo - Sampdoria 2 - 0
Sassuolo - Hellas Verona 1 - 0 Udinese - Torino 1 - 5


SUNDAY 01 MAY 2016
90'+2 2H Menez (P)
74' 2H Antonelli
50' 2H Bacca
3 - 3
90' + 5
Davide Massa
55' 2H Dionisi
44' 1H Kragl
2' 1H Paganini


90' +5 Generic Event The referee blows the end on Milan's 3-3 comeback to Frosinone at the San Siro.
90' +5 Action Balotelli Balotelli hits the bar following to great counter-attack!
90' +3 Action Bacca Bacca plays a through-ball for Kucka, but he does not manage to get on the end of it.
90' +2 Penalty Goal! Menez Menez does not fail from the spot to level the score, with three minutes left to play.
90' Action Pryyma Pryyma concedes Milan a second penalty kick, as a strike inside the box hits his arm.
90' Generic Event Five minutes extra-time will be added to the second half.
86' Action Kucka Kucka stands upon the rest to meet a corner delivery, but his header sails over the bar.
81' Action Montolivo Montolivo tries to pick up Bacca inside the box, but Bardi is first to gather the ball.
80' Substitution Kragl
78' Substitution Mauri
78' Action Gucher Gucher tries his luck from the distance, but Donnarumma claims with ease.
75' Action Balotelli Balotelli does well to recover a loose ball inside the box, but then he is dispossessed by Russo before he can actually strike.
74' Goal! Antonelli Antonelli makes instant impact, as he scores with his first touch! He chests down Alex’s header before firing a powerful overhead strike past Bardi and re-open the game for the Rossoneri!
73' Substitution Dionisi
73' Substitution Abate
71' Action Kucka Kucka has a shot deflected off Russo and Bardi manages to gather.
70' Action Montolivo Montolivo cuts a cross into the box towards Balotelli, but Russo deflects out for a corner.
67' Substitution Crivello
64' Substitution Honda
63' Action Balotelli Balotelli delivers a free-kick for the Rossoneri, but his shot is punched away by Bardi.
62' Action Ciofani Ciofani whips a tame effort straight to Donnarumma who saves easily.
60' Off side Balotelli Honda finds the net following to a De Sciglio cross nodded down by Balotelli into the path of the Japanese, but the goal is ruled out as Mario was caught in an off-side position.
55' Yellow card Dionisi Dionisi is booked after pulling his shirt off in celebration.
55' Goal! Dionisi Dionisi immediately adds a third for Frosinone, beating Donnarumma with a left-footed shot after a quick counter-attack.
50' Goal! Bacca Bacca scores to reduce the gap with a winning tap-in, after Bardi cannot hold an Abate attempt.
48' Missed Penalty Balotelli Balotelli steps up to take the penalty kick, but his shot is parried by a superb Bardi.
47' Yellow card Russo Russo is booked for handball.
47' Generic Event Milan win a penalty kick, after anDe Sciglio's goal-bound strike clattered into the arm of Russo.
46' Generic Event No changes at the restart. The second half is underway.
45' +2 Generic Event The whistle goes for half-time, with Milan heading to the dressing-room 2-0 down to Frosinone.
45' Generic Event Two minutes extra-time will be added to the first half.
45' Yellow card Kragl Kragl is also punished for the same reason.
45' Yellow card Kucka Kucka is booked after a quarrel with Kragl.
44' Goal! Kragl Kragl makes it 2-0 for Frosinone, stunning Donnarumma with a thunderous strike from a set-piece.
42' Action Honda Honda combines well with Mauri before testing Bardi severely with a left-footed strike.
39' Yellow card Bardi Bardi is also booked for loosing time.
39' Action Bacca Bacca meets a Balotelli free-kick delivery, but his header is off target.
33' Action Alex Alex meets a Honda corner delivery, but his header toward the top-left corner is handed over the bar by Bardi.
31' Action Kucka Kucka receives from Bacca to fire a shot to the near post, but Bardi somehow manages to parry it.
29' Action Honda Honda meets a pinpoint cross to the back post from De Sciglio, but his overhead kick sails over the crossbar.
28' Action Balotelli Balotelli tests again Bardi with a driven strike from 20 yards out.
26' Yellow card Balotelli Balotelli is booked for delaying the resumption of play.
25' Action Balotelli Balotelli meets a Honda delivery from a corner on the right, but Bardi stretches at full lenght to tip away his header over the bar.
24' Action Bacca Bacca fires a right-footed shot from close-range, but Ciofani makes a last-ditch sliding challenge to clear out.
23' Action Honda Honda plays in another delicious cross to the back post, but there is no Rossoneri shirt alert enough to latch onto it to finish off.
19' Yellow card Gori Gori is also cautioned for another handball.
18' Action Bacca Bacca has a good chance, after Balotelli has nodded a Honda corner, but his powerful finish is somehow stopped by the Frosinone defence.
17' Action Abate Abate delivers a delicious cross from the roght, but Crivello clears out for a corner.
13' Action Ciofani Ciofani is fed at the back post, after a good combination of Paganini and Dionisi, but his low effort ends into the side netting.
11' Action Kucka Kucka almost meets with his head a Balotelli free-kick delivery to the back post before the ball sails out for a goal-kick.
10' Yellow card Sammarco Sammarco is the first player booked for handball.
9' Action Sammarco Sammarco fires a volley 30 yards from goal off target.
7' Action Alex Alex heads in Balotelli's corner delivery, but his effort goes high and wide over the bar.
6' Action Balotelli Balotelli steps up to take the set-piece: his shot ends straight into the Frosinone wall. The action continues and Kucka wins a corner.
5' Action Mauri Mauri wins a free-kick from a central position.
3' Action Romagnoli Romagnoli clears away to concede Frosinone a corner.
2' Goal! Paganini Paganini immediately breaks the deadlock with a right-footed shot from the edge to the far post.
1' Generic Event The Serie A game against Frosinone is underway at the San Siro.