The schedule of the entrances for Milan-Chievo

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A few important notes:

• the Third Green Tier is reserved for the visiting fans with access allowed exclusively from Entrance 5; the approved fan banners will have access through Entrance 5.
• the visiting fans are asked to buy their tickets exclusively for the sectors reserved to them (Third Green Tier).
• the service operators will be able to use only entraces 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10 and 12 before the opening of the turnstiles for the public, according to the specific indications received.
• at Entrance 8 there will be a pre-filtering barrier dedicated exclusively to the press.
• the entrance for disabled people with wheelchair is Entrance 11. The same entrance will be reserved for the access of approved banners by the Milan fans, at the established times.

Assignment of entrances to sectors

IMPORTANT NOTE: please note that it is mandatory to use the turnstiles assigned to each entrance, according to the following description:

Entrance 1
: Suites and Orange Tier, Orange Grandstand of Honour, 1st Orange, 2nd Orange;
Entrance 2: 1st Green, 1st Orange;
Entrance 3: 1st Green, 2nd Green;
Entrance 5: reserved to visiting supporters, 3rd Green, approved visiting fans' banners;
Entrance 7: 1st Red, 2nd Red;
Entrance 8: Authority Stand, Red Honour Stand, Suites and Red Tier, Poltroncine, 1st Red, reserved for the press;
Entrance 9: 1st Red, 2nd Red;
Entrance 10: 1st Blue;
Entrance 11: reserved to the disabled and entrance for AC Milan authorised banners;
Entrance 12: CLOSE;
Entrance 13: CLOSE;
Entrance 14: 2nd Blue;
Entrance 15: Suites and Orange Tier, Orange Grandstand of Honour, 1st Orange, 2nd Orange.
Any change will be communicated at the stadium, the day of the match on the enlightened displays on the fences.

Gate opening time schedule

The gates will open to the public 2 hours before the match, save for last-minute changes.
It is advisable to arrive at the San Srio in advance.

How to use the turnstiles

1- On the outside of each turnstile there will be a pre-filtering zone, which can be accessed only by showing authorised personnel a valid ticket and an ID.
2- Access the turnstiles following the indications above and communicate to the stadium through the enlightened displays present on the new fences.
3- To cross the turnstile it's necessary to keep bags and handbags in front. All bags and handbags will be inspected.
4- Insert the ticket through the colored slit on the side where the barcode is stamped, keeping the code turned up.
5- Once the entrance is approved, a green light will turn on; proceed by pushing slightly on the bars of the turnstiles.
In case of problems, ask the stewards who will provide the necessary assistance.