What safety measures are in place to protect against Covid-19?

Milan Junior Camps are safe, as guaranteed by our partners.

Both our city and residential camps will take place in full compliance with government and regional regulations aimed at containing the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency. Our staff will be trained to follow safety protocols but, at the same time, ensure that each participant has fun and gets involved.

Safety and hygiene will be ensured in all areas, while specific prevention measures will be followed to allow those involved in Milan Junior Camps to take part with peace of mind.

Indoor spaces and equipment will be sanitised daily with specific products, while masks will be provided for participants. Furthermore, thermoscanners will be on site and it will be obbligatory to use disinfectant dispensers prior to entering the dining room and touching shared items. 

From a technical point of view, the programme will be designed in such a way that it conforms with the provisions and regulations in force to contain Covid-19. The Rossoneri staff will always be available to ensure that the youngsters do not encounter any difficulties. With the help of posters, they'll provide the children with all the required information in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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