Dear user,

we would like to inform you, complying to Decreto Legislativo 30 Giungo 2003, n. 196 “Personal and sensitive data collection code” (from now on, the Code) that all data and information gathered by AC Milan S.p.A. and Milan Entertainment s.r.l. websites will be treated fully respecting the principles collected in the Code. Complying to art. 13 of the Code, we therefore inform you about the following matters.

The disclosures are intended to any subject interacting with the website pages with or without being registered as user, in that, even without registration, the navigation through the website will still be available as anonymous and limited user.

1. Type of data collected

This website gathers the following personal and sensitive data: first name, surname, date of birth, address, gender, nationality, email, username and password, pictures, audio and video files, directly submitted by the user or by third party providers, if authorized through authentication services (social log in, app, etc).

The user can voluntarily submit its personal data, or they can be automatically gathered during navigation. In the latter case, for further details, we redirect you to our “Methods of treatment” and “cookie policy

The user assumes full responsibility of personal data provided by third party services or shared through our website, freeing the owner from any responsibility toward others.

All those personal data will be treated accordingly with the Code and, whenever it will be necessary, with the consent voluntarily given by the user.

1.1 Pictures and video contents

In order to take part in some initiative, the user will be allowed to upload image, audio or video files that will be at the owners availability to be used accordingly with the services provided.

2. Treatment purposes

The treatment of data collected, except where consent will be requested, are finalized to managing the authentication credentials and to take advantage of A.C. Milan S.p.A. and Milan Entertainment s.r.l. initiatives and services, such as:

  • to communicate with the user concerning its profile and to eventually answer to its questions;
  • to optimize services and contents fruition;
  • to take part in discussion groups, forum, Social Media;
  • to anonymously evaluate the website and its content in order to improve the navigation experience;
  • to guarantee obligation concerning the relationship with the user;
  • to live the Mondo Milan experience;
  • ticket shop management: all the activities needed in order to provide tickets allowing to enter the stadium and attend Milan matches;
  • to purchase products;
  • administrative and accountant management;

Further integration to the present disclosures will be added, if needed, specially in case of introduction of new services or to take part in new initiatives.

3. Treatment modalities

Personal data may be treated in papery, digital or telematic way, collected and made accessible in the related databases, from where they’ll be consulted, used, modified, compared and be the subject of any other manual or automatic operation, respecting the law, needed to guarantee the accuracy, safety and confidentiality of the very same data. That also guarantee that the data will be updated and relevant to the declared purposes.

In addition, we inform you that the IT systems and the software procedures in charge of making this website functioning may acquire, during their standard activity, your personal data, which transmission is implied when using internet communication protocols. However, they are not informations collected to be associated to identified persons but, because of their nature, they may be used to identify the users if processed, compared or associated to third party data. In that category are included IP addresses, user’s computer names and domains connecting to the website, uniform resource identifier (URI) of requested resources, time of request, submission method to server, obtained file dimensions, the numeric code indicating server answer to the user question (success, error, etc) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s IT environment.

Those data are used at the sole purpose to get statistical and anonymous information about website navigation and to check its correct functioning. They are immediately deleted after being processed. The data may be used to detect the accountability in case of hypothetical cyber crimes against the website.

3.1 Mondo Milan -  RFID wristband

The “Mondo Milan” museum visitor who choose to benefit from the RFID wristband, lives an interactive experience during the visit. The visitor: i) can show its preference about the objects showed and the active installations in the museum; ii) can take pictures and be photographed during the visit. Passing by the gate sensors, accesses will be registered and, to take advantage of all the services provided, the visitor just need to bring the wristband few centimeters near the sensors. The Owner capability to use those information is at the core of the system functionality and of the interactive experience requested by the visitor and imply the possibility to register eventual preferences expressed by the visitor. At the end of the visit, A.C. Milan will send the visitor an e-mail recounting its visit through video contents and pictures, articles about the museum and the history of A.C. Milan.

3.2 Supporter Card -  RFID wristband

We inform the supporter card owners that their card contains a RFID microchip, a technology that consent the card to be read by stadium gates at a variable distance of 1 to 10 cm. No data will be registered in the gates, they just verify the correct correspondence of codes between the card and the specific event, to allow the access.

4. Data conferment nature

Data conferment and related treatment are optional but necessary to pursue finalities exposed at point 2, therefore the eventual denial to provide the data or their lack of completeness may determine the impossibility by the Owner to provide the services in their entirety, according the law.

5. Scope of the data communication

Your data may be communicated, when necessary, in order to provide the services, to the staff of our companies (sales department, IT, administrations, legal division, sport division, stadium management concerning the type of request made by the user), to third party companies or delegate professionals. We inform you that it may be possible that some communications will be send to the Public Authority according the law.

Those scope of communication don’t need your approval because their functional in order to provide the services, to defend a right in juditiary seat or to pursue a legitimate interest of the owner. For further and eventual communications that need your consent, we’ll be asking.

The data treatment and processing may imply their transfer to foreign countries, in or outside the European Union, in order to guarantee the service requested, even in case of treatment that request explicit consent by the user.

6. Scope of data diffusion

Concerning personal data diffusion, generically through their publishing, it may occur only with your explicit consent. According the rights related to honor and reputation, personal data may be published, in order to promote our initiatives with no limitations of time and passages, through the website and social networks, on papery and/or any other diffusion method.

Those contents diffusion modalities don’t imply any right on the Owner and/or delegates from the pictured/filmed subjects.

7. Owner and person in charge

The Treatment Owner, for all the treatment finalities listed in this disclosure, (from now on “Owners”) are AC Milan S.p.A. and Milan Entertainment s.r.l., located in Milano, Via Aldo Rossi 8 – 20149.

In order to provide some services, the nominated persons in charge to the treatment the following: Ticket One S.p.A. and KettyDo+ s.r.l. . The complete list can be requested to the Owners.

8. User rights

According to art 7 del D. Lgs 196/2003, You have the right to know which of your personal data are used, their origin, to verify their completeness or to request their integration or update, or the correction. You have also the right to ask for their deletion, conversion into anonymous form or the block of the data treated violating the law. You have also the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment and to modify your previously given consent.

All requests must be sent by e-mail to or using the automatic cancellation or updating profile service, when available.

Consent request

In case of underage registration, it is implied that eventual consent to the personal data treatment must be given by the parents or guardians.

For acknowledgment and acceptance of the disclosure (mandatory).

I authorize for promotional and marketing finalities performed by AC Milan and Milan Entertainment, also through third party companies under the owners control, through sending promotional and informative contents with electronic and papery method, direct sale activity or positioning of products or services, or to send commercial informations. In any moment I’ll be able to express my preferences in matter of commercial communications modalities (opposing, for example, to automated sending).

I authorize AC Milan and Milan Entertainment to diffuse my personal data as described in point 6 of the disclosure.

I authorize profiling activities performed by AC Milan and Milan Entertainment to receive custom services and products, taking into account my purchasing habits, also collecting information by all the services provided and during Owner’s different initiatives. That activity will be also done through third party operators under the Owner’s control and to which, in order to fulfill those finalities, the data may be communicated.

I authorize the communication of personal data for marketing purposes, performer by third party subjects, such as products and services resellers for clothing and sport gear category, travelling and vehicle services, food, consumer electronics, office machines, communications devices and TV, banks, value exchange, sport bets, personal hygiene. Those operators will be autonomous Owners.



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