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Milan always finds a precise identity, but the club also looks at the future. After the win against Parma, the general manager Adriano Galliani announces the purchase of the young Adiyah for January.

MILAN – After the win against Parma, Adriano Galliani judged the performance of the team and announced to the microphones of Milan Channel the purchase of the young Dominic Adiyah: “Ronaldinho is doing very well, this tactical setup gives space to the Brazilian, with Pato who plays wide on the right hand side. The team plays a ‘Spanish’ football with two defensive midfielders and the quality of our forwards. Many goals come, we do concede some too, but we must have courage and continue forward like this. Parma played a great first half, better than us. There’s also a penalty not awarded to Pato, but I prefer not to make any controversies. Pity for the unjustified decrease of spectators, but we accept these positions even though this is worrying. We shall try all we can to recover our fans. Everything seemed to be over, with finished unmotivated players, but I say not to take care what they say and keep on going forward. I spoke to Berlusconi, we spoke about 30 years of football, no one of us wants to go in pension. On the transfer market we are moving and I can say exclusively to Milan Channel that we signed the young Ghana player Dominic Adiyah. The agreement with the Norwegian club Fredrikstad FK is done. Now he needs the permission to come in Italy and we will register him on January 1st. He must naturally pass the medical visit and then he will be our player. We signed him because he’s a wide striker who can play instead of Pato and Ronaldinho. Our tactical setup has changed now, we needed a wide striker who could alternate himself with those who are already here and we made a move. In the next hours I also hope to be able to announce David Beckham’s return.” After Adriano Galliani’s important announcement, these are the words of Leonardo: “Every game has its own story, today we knew how to suffer, we attack and we don’t stop to play. In certain moments we allowed the counter attacks, but Parma were never particularly dangerous. I always thought of playing in this way, the biggest joy is seeing the team perform and feeling an always improving game quality. Adiyah? He’s a wanted alternative, our squad was built around a tactical setup and therefore now we had to change something. The lad is young and is in line with our strategies. Even finding internal solutions is very important. Napoli today showed how much it is worth and therefore our draw at the San Paolo can happen. Borriello? The nice thing is having many attackers, Huntelaar will succeed, no one is out of my project. I’m confident, the team is in the hands of the players. Real? It’s a game which is prepared on its own. We hope to maintain a high level of game.”